VAT Free



You will find our VAT Free Flash Sales in-store and online on selected days and times.  

VAT Free equates to 16.67%, however, we’ve rounded this up to 17% off our selling price. 

So how does VAT Free work…?

If you buy a £100 product including VAT, it is actually £83.33 of product and £16.67 of VAT (£83.33 x 120% = £100). The VAT free price is 16.67% (17%) less than the total.

During our VAT Flash Sale you'll still see a charge against VAT on your receipt, however, the total amount you pay has been adjusted as we give you a discount against your items.

Please see below an example basket screenshot below showing an order with the VAT Free discount applied.

VAT discount does not apply to delivery charges.

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