Our 20-minute at home workout - no equipment needed

Get that heart-rate pumping and those itchy feet moving whilst you’re at home with our 20-minute home workout.

EDITED: 06/11/2020. Here we are again! Just as we were getting used to being back in the gyms, we’ve gone back to workout on in the comfort of our own homes. Whether this is welcoming for you or not, home workouts are now becoming an actual commodity, rather than the mundane chore many of us deemed them as before. So, to ensure we’re getting our blood pumping whilst were in ISO, we’ve devised a 20-minute full body, no equipment-needed workout thanks to our resident Fitness Coach (and Yú Parfums Brand Manager by day) Claire West @heyclairelouise

This timer-based full body workout will take you 20 minutes, but it’s worth adding at least 5 minutes warm-up at the start, and a 5-10 minutes cool down to end with. 

Each set will last 3 minutes, repeating each 30 second exercise within the set until the 3 minutes are over (so 3 times per exercise). You’ll then have a 30 second rest and move on to Set 2 with the same requirements (30 seconds of each exercise for 3 minutes), a 30 second rest and then Set 3. 

Once you’ve done these full 3 sets, start all over again! 

Remember cool down and stretch off at the end of this workout. 

Set 1 – 3 minutes

  • 30 seconds squat 
    Coaching tip: Get that bum back as if you were about to sit down on a chair and lift the chest high
  • 30 seconds wide press up (modify to press-up on your knees rather than toes if needed)
    Coaching tip: Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists, hands out wide, abs braced

* Repeat each exercise 3 times for the full three minutes

  • Rest – 30 seconds

Set 2 – 3 minutes

  • 30 seconds alternating reverse lunge
    Coaching tip: Ensure your front knee is in-line with your front ankle when lowering down and keep your upper body upright
  • 30 seconds high plank hold
    Coaching tip: Shoulders should be directly over your wrists, body in parallel to floor, abs braced

*Repeat each exercise 3 times for the full three minutes

  • Rest – 30 seconds

Set 3 – 3 minutes

  • 30 seconds glute bridges
    Coaching tip: Squeeze your bum all the way up, pushing your hips to the ceiling and lower back to the ground slowly
  • 30 seconds jack knife crunch
    Coaching tip: Feet in the air to create an L-shape with your body, reach for your toes with your hands by lifting your shoulders off the floor. Keep movements controlled.

Repeat each exercise 3 times for the full three minutes

  • Rest – 30 seconds

Now do the whole circuit one more time!

  • Cool down & relax

Feature Image: Photo by Li Sun from Pexels