Big weekend? Heal your skin’s hangover with these super hydrating products.

We all know that a Bank Holiday means one thing and one thing only… Sunday Fun-day! Not having to be up early for work on a Monday morning is an opportunity not to be missed. So while you’re recovering from a boozy weekend, hopefully in some sun, your skin is going to need all the help it can get too. We all know the affects that alcohol has on our skin, so stock up on these products from Indulge Beauty before your weekend to ensure that you and your body doesn’t suffer too much.

First you need to scrub off any leftover makeup and dirt off your face. This Cucumber Detox cleanser is the perfect thing to begin the process of renewing your dehydrated skin. It gently cleanses and purifies skin of impurities and environmental irritants. The cucumber extract helps to calm the appearance of skin while sugarcane and sugar maple extracts help improve the look of skin dullness. Vitamins C and E provide anti-oxidant benefits while glycerin and Sodium PCA help to provide hydrating factors. Your skin will be left looking clean, soft, soothed and radiant. Goodbye hangover! 

If you haven’t seen the K-Beauty sheet mask trend, then now’s the time to jump on it. Sheet masks are the equivalent of your wheat grass shots for your skin. Harness the super-powers of superfood Turmeric to brighten your dull skin, but without the mess. This Turmeric Sheet Mask has all the benefits of the ingredient, without the colour! Rich in antioxidants, this treatment will add an injection of life into your skin, re-hydration pending…

Okay so this post doesn’t have as many steps in as the K-Beauty regime, but we’ve taken inspo’ from it. Next up is this Revitalising Face Oil. Nourish your dehydrated skin with this blend of vital nutrients. Evening Primrose oil replenishes and helps to soften and smooth while rose oil stimulates circulation, helping the complexion to appear and feel youthful and radiant. Perfect for for dehydrated skin that needs a boost of hydration.

Moisturiser! One of the key factors to fixing dehydration. This Kale Superfood Nourishing Day Moisturiser aims to smooth and improve the appearance of your skin whilst proving nourishment and hydration. Just the fact that the packaging is SO GREEN, you immediately know it’s going to be good for your face.

We thought you might need a little bit of cover up to hide any potential eye-bags (they’re Prada, obviously) and so this two-in-one concealer and foundation is perfect. The ultra long-wearing, water-resistant formula is designed to Stay All Day, and looks and feels natural on skin. One package, two products. The foundation contains proprietary Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex which consists of 15 bio-available vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The concealer has peach undertones to neutralise discolorations, making it easier to conceal imperfections with less product. EYE-BAGS, BE GONE!

The dehydrated skin on your face is obviously our main concern, however your body could do with some TLC as well. Give your skin instant hydration and comfort with this cooling body gel. Rose, geranium, evening primrose and jojoba essential oils help to leave skin looking radiant, refreshed and silky smooth. Ta-da!

Enjoy your bank holiday! And stay fresh afterwards with our fantastic hydrating products.

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