As May is National Wedding Month, we’ve carefully selected the scents that we know will make your special day, even more memorable.

If you decide to wear a brand-new perfume on your big day, then you’re going to want it to be a special one. Something that stands out and will forever make you think back to your wedding when you wear it. We all know that fragrance is a very personal thing to each and every one of us, so ensuring you have the perfect one for you is important. Here are our favourite wedding perfumes that you can shop right now at The Fragrance Shop.

A floral perfume might be the obvious choice for your wedding, but it’s a very good one to go with. J’adore is the greatest women’s floral fragrance created by Dior. It’s a bouquet that has been finely crafted down to the last detail, like a custom-made flower. It’s effortlessly seductive and boasts a completely original signature scent with notes of fresh mandarin, rose and orchids. Not to mention, the bottle itself is sophisticated, elegant and timeless. Everything you want to be on your special day.

They say this scent captures the magic of the most brilliant sunshine. It’s what love stories are made of and it certainly will accompany your big day well. It’s a vibrant, radiant and sensual force of nature. This fruity, floral perfume is a little less of an obvious choice, but it’s equally desirable. Notes of orchid, red lily and pink pepper form a scent that you’ll never want to stop wearing.

Chanel No. 5 is probably one of the most iconic women’s perfumes in history. It’s scent and it’s story is legendary, the essence of femininity with pure Gabrielle Chanel personality integrated in each drop. It’s elegant immortality is exactly what you need to make your wedding day last forever. With notes of rose, jasmine and vanilla, it represents the floral bouquet that you’ll be walking down the aisle with.

Straying from floral scents, we introduce to you this oriental perfume from Penhaligon’s. This fun and vibrant scent will be perfect for you if you’re ready for an upbeat wedding day. The ingredients to this fragrance were discovered in Jodhpur and the heart of Vaara belongs to the gardens of Balsamand. With two roses blended elegantly with a billowing note of Indian magnolia and a whisper of iris, the fragrance settles into a luscious combination of honey. A fragrance that will turn heads and make memories.

Start your love story the only right way with Chloé’s Love Story perfume. Inspired by the love padlocks on the bridge of Ponts de Arts in Paris, notes of orange blossom, fresh and floral, mingles with the scent of the dew for a fresher, more sensual fragrance than ever before. Make this seductive scent the main feature of your romantic saga and look back with nostalgia in the years to come.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a new perfume for your big day, take some inspiration from our carefully chosen scents. They will make your big day as special as you deserve it to be and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Feature image by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash