Milk cleansers are a rising trend in the beauty industry. So, what are they all about?

We’ve been wondering this for a while, and World Milk Day seemed like the perfect time to investigate. When it comes to clear skin and doing everything in our willpower to achieve it, we’re often told to steer clear of milk and other dairy products that can essentially cause acne. So, why are we suddenly using milk cleansers?

Do not let the name put you off. FYI, they do not contain actual milk. They just have a milky colour and consistency, and they’re actually pretty good for your skin. Milk cleansers are good for all types of skin, but especially dryer skin because of how hydrating and gentle they are. They are full of emollient-rich ingredients like oils for example, jojoba and squalane in particular, and vitamin E which all contribute to breaking down dirt, makeup and any other grime that you may have on your skin. The best bit? They do all of this without stripping your skin.

Milk cleansers tend to be kinder to your skin than other types of cleansers. As well as not stripping it, they imitate your skin’s natural state which keeps it calm and balanced.

Although they’re prominently helpful to people with dryer skin, they can also help those with oily or acne-prone skin. Lots of acne-fighting products are very harsh on the skin which can result in natural production of extra oil, creating a vicious circle of problems. Keep things balanced and hydrated by adding a milk cleanser into your skincare regime.

Try out some of our favourite milk cleansers at Indulge Beauty below and let us know what you think!

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Feature image: ian dooley on Unsplash