This Get to Know Your Customer’s Day, we want to know whether aesthetics influence your shopping habits.

The perfume and aftershave section of any store can be totally mesmerising. Hundreds of glistening flacons showing off different figures, scopes and shades of colours that appear to be even more sparkly when the light bounces off them. In 2019, with influencer marketing rapidly rising, our first thought may well be “which of these will fit my Instagram feed most?”  

Maybe we’re subconsciously debating which coloured bottle would look better on our devoted perfume shelf that may or may not *accidentally** feature in one or two (or ten) ‘bedroom goals’ or ‘shelfie’ social media photos. Perhaps, we’re focusing on which sparkly flask we’d like to represent our self-made ‘brand’. But, are we smelling them first? Or are we totally jumping to the extreme conclusions about our visually aspired generation?

We’d like you to let us know…

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