Another Monday has been conquered, now relax, and pamper yourself.

Sometimes coming home from work on a Monday can result in feeling lazy, all you want to do is eat and sleep. If you add one more tiny step in between that, your skin will thank you for it. That step, is skincare. Take your makeup off, do whatever else you need to do, and then moisturise.

Everyone knows moisturising is important, but do we know why? There are in fact many benefits to layering on a soothing moisturiser before you go to bed and in the morning underneath your makeup. Apart from the obvious reasons of preventing your skin from feeling and looking dry, it actually does a lot else to help our skin in the long run.

It keeps your skin hydrated, which in itself, leads to many more advantages. This keeps the skin’s hydration levels balanced all day and all night by replenishing the natural moisture’s that are already there. Moisturiser also acts as a boosting barrier for your face, essentially preventing any extra, unnecessary dirt from getting to your skin. Although the dewy, glowy look that you achieve moments after you’ve applied it doesn’t last all day, the more you frequently use moisturising products, the more a gradual, permanent glow will build up. It’s also important to keep your skin moisturised if you’re looking to prevent anti-ageing. It helps to stop wrinkles forming and makes the ones that are already present, look better.

Moisturiser is essentially a miracle worker in a bottle. So many benefits, so little effort to apply, and so many variations to choose from! To help you out, we’ve selected a few of our favourites for you.

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Feature image: Getty Images via The Mirror