If you follow @loveindulge on Instagram, you’ll have seen that we were at the Indulge Beauty store in London last week for a profound cooking masterclass with our favourite Danish Skincare brand, Ecooking. Sylvain Reviron, Ecooking’s Managing Director, very cleverly set up their in-store cooking station and demonstrated how their Pomegranate Lip Balms are made. While explaining the ingredients and process, every customer who came in to shop with us could pour their very own tub of lip balm to take home with them. Not only was Sylvain creating little tub’s of delicious smelling products that are incredibly good for us, but he was introducing us and our customers to the world of natural skincare.

We wanted to pick his brains a little more about the products that Ecooking produce and the brand itself, so after the first batch had been made and taken by our intrigued customers, we headed out to lunch so I could discover more.

So, what are you creating today at Indulge Beauty?

So today we’ve been creating some lip balms. We’ve got three different lip balms in the range, we’ve got a natural without any fragrance, a mint and pomegranate. and today we’ve made the last one, our most popular one, the pomegranate.

What goes into the process of this lip balm?

It’s nine ingredients. The very first one is the base, a mix of castor oil and Shea butter together. We were melting that first ingredient, then we were adding some olive oil, almond oil, Argan oil, natural beeswax and then some stabiliser and natural flavours and colouring.

It’s crazy how you can literally create it on a small table in front of us. How did Ecooking go from a kitchen table recipe to a worldwide brand?

So Tina, Tina Søgaard started in her own kitchen, mixing products from her own lab. She had her own lab for 20 years and she was creating brands for private brands and private labels, so she had access to all the ingredients. She started in her own kitchen and step by step people were amazed by the effectiveness of her products. She began with only seven products and people were really amazed with the changes to their skin and asked to try more. The first few years it was not intended to be sold; she was just giving away some products from her own kitchen. After two years she started to sell it in one shop, one small shop in Kolding, the village where she lives and that was the beginning. Today we’re in more than twenty countries and have opened 500 doors in Denmark alone.

Did she expect for it to get that big?

No not at all it was totally unexpected, it was the fastest growing brand in Denmark.

So, Ecooking is all about the transparency of the products; what is your favourite thing about the brand concept?

What I really like is that some of the products are so pure that you could actually eat them. The salt and oils, you could use them in your salad!

Wow, I’ll be sure to try that next time. What’s your favourite product?

My favourite product, I think is the Super Serum. It’s a super serum because it’s a blend of Hyaluronic acid at a high concentration and Hexapeptides, which is Argireline which is a natural form of Botox.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three products would you want with you?

I would definitely take some cleansers; I think it’s always important to have cleansers to clean your skin. Tina told me that, especially for young people, not cleaning your skin is a risk of opening your pores and once your pores are open it’s really, really hard to tighten them back, so one very good piece of advice for everyone is to cleanse your skin twice a day. Remove your makeup before you go to bed, that’s also very important. So yes, definitely a cleanser. Then a moisturiser, I would go for the Men’s Face Cream because that’s my favourite face cream; and I love the peeling mask. I would do the peeling mask twice a month at least, every week shall I say.

What products would you recommend to someone who is struggling with acne?

The acne serum, definitely the acne serum. It has a very high concentration of Salicylic acid, so it’s very, very powerful. We’ve had amazing reviews online. People usually combine it with the Derma Roller, so the Derma Roller and the acne serum will give amazing results.

What is the importance of night cream and what benefits does the Ecooking Night Cream have?

Night-time is the most important time for the skin because it’s the time when the skin restores itself. The one piece of advice I’ve been given is to always invest in a good night cream, because it’s the time where the skin is absorbing the most active ingredients and restoring. So it’s really, really important to have long night’s sleeps and to use good night cream. The Ecooking Night Cream is made of argireline which is the natural Botox I mentioned, and trylagen, which is quite similar to Retinol as its good at boosting the collagen and firming your skin.

What is the best combination of products for tackling wrinkles?

For wrinkles, the best combination is definitely the Vitamin A serum and capsules, as Vitamin A is a natural form of Retinol. Capsulated it is of the highest concentration. You can use it at night and it’s an amazing and very powerful serum. As well as this, the night cream for the trylagen and the hexapeptides together.

Finally, what is the one ingredient we should avoid putting on our skin?

Unfortunately, there are many of them, but we should definitely all avoid any form of nano-particles especially chemical nano-particles. They go into the bloodstream which is very bad, especially for pregnant women but also for everyone really. We should all be concerned about nano-particles and especially micro-beads in scrubs that could actually penetrate the skin and get into the blood stream as well, so yeah be careful of those.