LOLA Make Up is one of the latest brands to land in the world of Indulge Beauty. LOLA is a brand that is proudly passionate about celebrating our natural beauty. The products are designed for the real people of today. They’re made to empower ourselves and each other, to feel confident from inside-out and live our lives to the fullest. We spoke to Brand Manager, Elise Lacroix-Newman to find out what she loves about working at LOLA.

We love that LOLA Make Up is all about empowerment – how does makeup empower you?

LOLA Make Up is all about creating who you want to be and translate how you feel through our colours and textures. Empowering Make Up is by definition, bringing out the best of yourself!

Was it empowerment that started the idea of LOLA, how did it come about?

At LOLA we are passionate about forming a community that celebrates being an individual nowadays, which is the main ethos of our brand.

What is the most empowering product in your opinion?

The most empowering LOLA product is definitely our Nail Polishes, with which you can grab life at its full! Without forgetting, most importantly, that they are kind to your nails also with our new 10 free formula.

What is your go-to lip product? Lipstick, lip pencil, liquid lipstick or lip gloss and why?

Our LOLA go-to lip favourite is our Matte Long Lasting Lipstick which cannot only reflect your strength, but also your mood in order to kiss the gift of life!

What is the best way to apply foundation, a brush or sponge?

At LOLA we offer both options as there is not, as such, a best way to apply your foundation… However you can apply your base with our Egg Sponge then blend the excess with our Finishing Brush for a more natural look.

I really like that you reach out to real women, what is your one piece of beauty advice for them?

Our LOLA advice would be to make yourself feel beautiful in any form or shape, as well as to learn to take time for you!

What are your dreams for LOLA Make Up in the future, is there anywhere in particular you’d like to reach?

LOLA’s ultimate goal is to be accessible and reachable to every individual in any corner of the UK!

Is there anything you’d have done differently during the process since the brand started?

At LOLA Make Up, we have currently 85% of the entire range being Vegan Friendly and we would like to reach 100% within the next year. Therefore in hindsight we would have loved to work with this value since the beginning of our brand.

The Spring/Summer looks on your website are beautiful, what inspired them?

Our LOLA Spring Summer 2019 look was inspired by the beautiful sunset colours with the gorgeous flowers found around a little neighbourhood in Italy, which translates through our pastel palette of this season.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the beauty industry and why?

Walking and looking around us in the streets, all individuals who cross our path are the real people who inspire LOLA Make Up every day.

Elise Lacroix-Newman, Brand Manager at LOLA Make Up.