Is in our 20’s too early? Are our 40’s too late? Is there a right time to start using them? Is it ever too early?

We all know that one person who started on their anti-ageing plan well before they were 25. They’d already began to invest in anti-wrinkle creams and eye-creams, and they’d definitely done their research into what ingredients to look for in their other skincare products. Are they being over-dramatic and jumping the gun? Or are they simply being savvier than the rest of us? We’ll probably find out in 30 years time when they’re walking around bare faced and wrinkle free still getting ID’d in Tesco. There’s a lot of speculation of when you should start using anti-ageing products and how you go about incorporating them into your skincare routine. We spoke to Clare Hopkins, co-founder and joint CEO of Balance Me, a leading natural skincare brand who feature a fantastic range of anti-ageing products, to find out what her advice is when it comes to keeping our skin youthful.

A universally efficient anti-ageing routine should consist of products that are suited to your skin. Clare explained that “skin will age no matter what so we can’t ‘prevent’ skin from ageing but we can help to keep it more youthful in appearance and help boost hydration levels, elasticity, address pigmentation, help to refine fine lines etc., all visible signs that might make us look tired, less radiant – physical signs that might not be so kind to our confidence! We specifically created our Vitamin C Repair Serum for this very reason as it addresses so many of the concerns our core customers have in relation to their skin from their late 20’s onwards.” If your skin is already on the oily side, be careful that anti-ageing products as they’re known for their thick, oily consistencies; you don’t want to enhance your skin’s personality.

So, is there such thing as ‘too early’ when it comes to using anti ageing products? “Skin shouldn’t require really active skincare before the late 20’s as it tends to have lovely natural ‘bounce’ thanks to healthy collagen production and high levels of hyaluronic acid.” Clare told us. When you’re younger, start your anti-ageing prep with an SPF. Before you’re 25 you don’t need to do anything too drastic. Just ensure that your skincare routine is tailored to you and your skin’s needs while keeping to a healthy diet.

As you head into your mid-late twenties you’ll need to keep on top of lighter signs of ageing. Clare’s advice is that “if you’re healthy – non-smoker, healthy-ish diet, not too much childhood sun exposure – ideally 28+ as it is about this time that when you might experience fine expression lines around the eyes or your skin might not feel quite as bouncy as it used to. This is all very normal and the right time to perhaps start to introduce some bio-actives such as hyaluronic acid, collagen-boosting natural peptides into your skincare regime.” At this age, you shouldn’t need to do anymore than this.

When it comes to shopping for anti-ageing products, what do we look for? A simple label that states ‘anti-ageing’? Or should we be looking more specifically for certain ingredients? Clare told us about Balance Me’s range: “Each of our products have been created to address a skincare concern and concerns associated with the ageing process are often the most ‘sought after’ by our customers. We constantly discovering new bio-actives that help us push the boundaries in natural skincare. We’ve been using Acmella Oleracea for several years and it is known as a natural alternative to botox.”

We all know far too well that waiting to see results can be frustrating, but at Balance Me, they pride themselves on the fact that many of their products offer instant results. “Our Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist gives an instant shot of moisture thanks to the low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid in the formulation; our Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Primer contains natural gums to instantly tighten – think egg white drying on the skin – and Acmella Oleracea, considered to be a natural alternative to ‘botox’ as it contains spilanthol, which has a myo-relaxing effect on the skin which helps skin appear smoother, less lined. Our Balance Me Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum which works from the inside out to smooth and refine lines and wrinkles.”

As anti-ageing products have long been a hype. From the minute that botox was born, women have obsessed over keeping their skin looking and feeling youthful for as long as we can. Is it something we truly need to worry about? Should we be that obsessed over something so inevitable like ageing? We asked Clare just how important she thinks anti-ageing aids are.

She explained, “I think ingredients containing natural actives that help skin remain healthy, balanced and refined are essential in your skincare routine. We all age and it is not a negative. We believe in enhancing the skin and helping it to repair itself naturally and making the very most of safeguarding the skin you’re in. It’s your largest organ and the one exposed to external as well as internal aggressors’ day in, day out.”

Clare’s final piece of advice was a reminder of how simply we can help our skin out. It doesn’t always need to include products, especially when you’re younger. “Ensure you rest – sleep and lots of screen-free time – and drink lots of water. Eat a healthy, balanced diet (everything in moderation), don’t smoke and wear high sun protection. All advice I’m sure you’ve heard before but it is surprising how many times we forget the most obvious! I would also suggest dry skin body brushing and massage to help prevent skin on your body from ageing as it helps boost circulation and prevent/reduce cellulite.”

So when do we truly need to start using anti-ageing products? The real answer is we don’t need to. Ageing is an inevitable process, and a beautiful one at that. Rather than trying to prevent that, we should be focusing on keeping our skin healthy – the rest will follow. We shouldn’t expect results overnight, especially if we’re young and our skin doesn’t require too much help. It’s a working progress, one that might help us later in life, but for now, try not to think about it too much. Feed your skin the nutrients it needs and let it work its magic. And finally, take a look at our favourite Balance Me products below!

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