A purple tube of wonders, so how does Oilixia’s Gummy Cleanser work?

It looks good, it sounds good, and it feels good; so, just what is it about Oilixia’s Gummy Cleanser that makes it so wonderful for our skin? Confined in a contemporary lavender tube that was made to instantly brighten up any bathroom, the Gummy Cleanser is one product you need to incorporate into your skin care routine.

We all know how important daily cleansing is for our skin. It’s the main way to ensure that we remove our make up thoroughly and rid of any other dirt, oil and impurities properly to prevent bacteria build up that could result in blemishes and other skin conditions. Cleansing twice a day will make sure that a refreshed, brighter look to your face is maintained and generally keep your skin in healthier, better condition. While it’s important to do this, it’s also essential that you use a cleanser that is right for your skin, and this is where Oilixia’s Gummy Cleanser comes in.

The Gummy Cleanser is a sticky, gooey consistency that quite literally grips to skin to lift off makeup, pollution and daily grime. Its unique gummy texture, which feels as incredible as it sounds, also helps to lift and drop your skin in order to help stimulate micro circulation, leaving you with fresh and glowing skin on a regular basis. It has been created to suit most skin types so that everyone can use it for the perfect skin.

What makes it different?

This innovative product was inspired by the laid-back natural beauty of Australia and so has been designed to be effortless to use and your new travel bag staple. With a splash of water, the gummy texture transforms into a silky milk, allowing you to rinse it away with nothing more than fresh water meaning that you don’t need to invest in a new Muslin Face Cloth every few months. The Gummy Cleanser contains three iconic and favoured Australian ingredients: wild harvested Kakadu Plum extract which is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C; nourishing Macadamia oil and antibacterial Eucalyptus oil. Combined, they leave your skin visibly brighter, feeling smoother and cleaner without being stripped of its natural nutrients.

Using the Gummy Cleanser couldn’t be easier. Best applied to dry skin, it easily creates a thin layer over your face. Once your skin is covered, create a suction effect by pressing and lifting the palm of your hands against your cheeks. Add some water and massage until the cleanser turns into a milky consistency and then rinse off with fresh water. The best part about this product is that it doubles up as a mask and exfoliator. Apply a thin layer of this multi-tasking cleanser and leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes before massaging it in with wet fingertips and rinsing with fresh water.

What do we think?

I am loving the Gummy Cleanser. The initial texture of it as it’s squeezed out of the tube is great and when applied to skin, you can almost feel it removing the makeup and dirt. I’ve used it both as a cleanser and a mask and I am really impressed with how smooth and clean my face felt afterwards. After using it regularly for a couple of weeks, my blemish-prone and acne-endured skin has never looked so bright. It generally just feels really good to know that I’m putting authentic ingredients onto my skin and the results are reflecting that.

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