Retinol might be one of the biggest buzzwords in the beauty industry, but have you heard of Cacay Oil?

Retinol has soared as a beauty product in the last couple of years and its become one of those ingredients that you just need in your beauty routine. As a form of Vitamin A, it’s proved to help stimulate healthy collagen and elastin production which produces results that reduce any damage that has been done by the sun, pollution and free radicals. Similarly to Vitamin C, it helps to increase skin surface cell turnover. Retinol has become a must-have ingredient when it comes to treating deeper skin conditions like acne, eczema, rashes and scars.

Some people are put off retinol by its reputation for being heavy and aggressive on the skin in fear that it may harm their skin’s condition. However, it is possible to find a gentle and natural form of the substance…

Cacay Oil comes from a little known tree-species, Cacay, that is native to the Amazonian Rainforest. This particular tree produces a nut. When Cacay nuts are cold-pressed it will produce a light, non-greasy and fast absorbing oil, which is essentially, a form of retinol. It holds lots of essential fatty acids (EFA), natural vitamin E and anti-ageing vitamin A. The blend of retinol, EFA’s and Vitamin E are what makes this unique oil so naturally kind and gentle. The vitamins work their magic by buffering the effects of retinol and keep the skin nourished.

Oilixia’s Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil features a lead ingredient of Cacay. Alongside this unsung hero are other similarly precious Amazonian ingredients including Acai, Brazil nut, Buriti and Amazonian Lily Extract. Combined, they work together to give you nourished, smoother and extra glowy skin.

The Cacay oil used in Oilixia’s unique facial oil is sourced from a company in Colombia who are actively replanting areas of the Amazon Rainforest that have previously been targeted for deforestation. This year, they plan to replant 100,000 new trees. The Cacay oil they use is extremely sustainable and all parts of the Cacay nut can be used with almost no waste at all, plus, they give other crops such as coffee plants some needed relief from the scorching Amazonian sun.

You can shop Oilixia’s Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil at Indulge Beauty and pair it up with their Gummy Cleanser for the ultimate skincare saviour routine.