Our favourite podcasts for you to choose from.

Winding down before the week begins is a different process for everyone, but sometimes popping your headphones in and lying down to listen to other people talk about their lives and other topics is just what you need. Why do we love podcasts so much? They create friendships we don’t actually have. A weekly listen to familiar voices, about topics that we may not have ‘irl’ people to discuss with is comforting. It let’s us listen to news in a different, opinionated way, and can be the perfect way to chill out on a Sunday night and prepare yourself for the week ahead.

The High Low

Image: Acast

The High Low is a weekly pop-culture and current affairs podcast by journalists, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. From discussing subjects that are top stories in the news to recommending their favourite books and films, you can be sure that everything they say is brutally, cleverly and oh so fantastically honest. Once you’ve listened a few times, they’ll become your best friends. Completely hilarious, heart warming and generally brilliant.

Work Like a Woman

Image: Mary Portas

Mary Portas turned her iconic book into a podcast, she said she always knew it wasn’t just a book, it was ‘the start of a conversation’. Each week she invites a different guest to talk about various topics that run throughout her book. Covering matters from vulnerability in the workplace to mental health, Mary’s wit and sarcasm never fail to make you feel included and humble that you’re not the only one who has potentially experienced any of these subjects.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Image: Debut Careers

Elizabeth Day explores and celebrates everything in life that hasn’t gone quite right. Every week, a new interviewee joins Elizabeth to talk about the things in their personal life that have gone wrong and what better things it lead them to. Finding out that mistakes can result in something unexpected and wonderful, while learning a lesson along the way.

The Emma Guns Show

Image: Emma Guns

Emma Gunavardhana covers subjects including the likes of health and wellness, business, beauty and life in general. The aim is to dig into the depths of the guests minds about current affairs topics and let them open up about personal things. Helping listeners by entertaining them or inspiring them, the Emma Guns show is not one to be missed.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Image: PodBean

Author and blogger, Emma Gannon, talks to experts, thought-leaders, creative individuals and fellow writers about their careers, personal lives and everything in between. Be prepared to be inspired, entertained, kept company and informed by Emma and a number of her guests on a weekly basis, she’ll end up a friend who you’ll never want to let go.

Feature image: Moose Photos from Pexels