A hair compliment is the best type of compliment.

There’s no stronger bond than one that started with hair. In your first weeks at university you’ll be looking to impress and make friends, why not use your magic fingers and these incredible hairstyles as a starting point? Although you might not want to become the designated hair-styler of your group (you need time to get yourself ready too, duh), these hair tips and tricks that you can use and even teach your new pals will be sure to impress them.

Fishtail Braids

Image: Once Wed via Style Motivation

Fishtail Bun

Image: Once Wed via Style Motivation

Loose Side Braid

Image: Once Wed via Style Motivation

Waterfall Braid

Image: Wedding Chicks via Style Motivation

Let us know your favourite hair ‘do’s that you love to share with your friends, or your freshers tips to settling down. We love to know what you think!

Feature image: Babble