Pinch, punch, last day of the month!

We hope you’ve all recovered from the madness of payday weekend and are ready for our weekly Indulge List. Payday weekend and the following week is always a funny one, isn’t it? After a while of feeling poor and a healthy bank account being a distant memory, we always go a little bit crazy when it comes around, don’t we? Out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, treating ourselves to everything on our wish lists (and more), and before we know it, we’re poor again. That’s why we’re back with our Indulge List nice and early so that you can still afford all of your favourite beauty bits and bobs!

Raw and sticky sweet—just the way nature intended. Get hooked on Urban Decay’s Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette; its 12 golden neutrals include classic golds, warm ambers, and rich chocolate browns. Reach for Amber (it practically glows), create the perfect hazy, smoked-out eye with Sting (warm brown matte), or get hooked on Honey (intense gold metallic) for the ultimate ’70s statement eye. Blending your best look, from daytime matte to sultry metallic, is easy since the Naked Honey Palette comes with a vegan formula* and cruelty-free double-ended brush. You won’t find another palette that’s this sweet.

The must-have step to glowing skin. Smooth, hydrate and brighten with this three-phase toner formulated with a glow restoring blend of skin-loving acids. This advanced formula is packed with skin-loving acids and nourishing botanical extracts supercharged by StriVectin’s proprietary form of Niacin/Vitamin B3 – a recipe for complexion perfection.

A gentle cleansing product formulated to target makeup removal whilst leaving the skin feeling smooth and moisturised. The formula incorporates Squalane, alongside other lipophilic esters that are gentle, moisturising, efficient in dissolving makeup and facial impurities and increasing the spreadability of the product. When rubbed between your palms for approximately 10-30 seconds, the product undergoes an important textural change from a balm-like consistency to a clear oil-like consistency. This allows the emulsifying sucrose esters in the formula to trap and blend the dissolved makeup and facial impurities with water for rinsing. Being non-comedogenic and soap-free, this formula is designed to be gentle enough for daily use, without over-drying the skin, making it suitable for all skin types.

The secret to looking great is to perfect what goes on underneath. Under Wear foundation primer has been created to perfectly prepare the skin for make up, ensuring it will apply more easily, look great and last longer. Under Wear is a serum with an extremely fresh and silky feel, helping the skin to look softer, smoother, younger while optically reducing the appearance of imperfections on the skin. Enriched with peptides, lines and wrinkles instantly appear plumped and smoothed.

The F15 is a multi-purpose face brush from our Pro Deluxe Series. Handmade from extra soft, high quality, easy to clean natural fibres. This brush is made from high quality fibres, a sleek silver ferrule and black handle. The F15’s tapered fibres make it the perfect tool for sculpting the face through contouring, highlighting and applying blush to the cheeks. This brush is best used with powder product.

All prices are correct as of date published.