No, SPF is not just for summer.

If you’re thinking that you can pop the SPF away until the sun shows it’s face again, you’re probably not alone. However, you are wrong.

It might be getting colder, darker, cloudier (please, don’t remind us), but that doesn’t mean that the precious skin on our face doesn’t need protecting. We’re not necessarily suggesting that you pack your Nivea sun cream with you everywhere you go, but we are implying that you switch up your skincare and makeup to ensure that they have an SPF factor in them.

Even if it’s doesn’t look or feel physically sunny, UV rays can still penetrate your skin through the clouds. In fact, they can still get to use through windows, which means that there’s no excuse not to be wearing it. Not wearing it won’t result in sunburn (unless you’re off somewhere delightful this winter), but there will be long term effects of not protecting yourself.

Sun damage might not look like sun damage, but it can have huge consequences on the ageing qualities of your skin. Sun cream is probably the best anti-ageing product there is, so while you’re out spending money on anti-ageing creams, serums and all other potions that promise to keep your wrinkles at bay, simply wearing SPF every day will do that and more. In extreme cases, SPF can save you from the likes of skin diseases.

Below are our favourite SPF products that easily include it in your skincare and makeup routines, so you don’t even have to think about anything extra!

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Feature image: Singapore’s Women’s Weekly