Hair perfume is a thing.

And it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

When its not quite hair wash day but your locks smell of that food you cooked last night; or when going out on a school night has left your hair smelling smoky and you’ve got no time to wash it. Well, that’s when hair perfume comes in handy.

Sachajuan’s Protective Hair Perfume is the one thing we all need in our bathrooms, handbags and, well, everywhere else that a hair emergency could happen. This multi-purpose protective hair perfume will freshen up your locks with Sachajuan’s signature fine fragrance from their haircare range. It moisturises, reduces static, gives your hair shine and colour protection with incredibly scented anti-odour technology.

Give your hair a refreshing floral blend, nothing too strong but totally noticeable. Notes of green apple, peach and rose with a base of cedar wood and white musk. Sachajuan’s signature haircare scent is the ultimate accessory for any day at work, night on the town and everything in between.

All prices are correct as of date published.

Feature image: Youth Incorporated Magazine