Don’t do your hair extra damage.

Whether you’re dying your hair for the first time or have been changing hair colours since you were 14 years old (no matter how long ago that was), adding colour to your hair always does some damage. Be it a shade darker, a full or half a head of highlights or you’re rocking a brightly coloured ‘do, you need to take a little extra care of your hair from the minute you add to it.

Some shampoo’s and conditioners can be harsh on chemically dyed hair, some even stripping the colour away. This means you need to carefully choose what you wash your hair with. We’ve selected a handful of our best treatments for colour-dyed hair so that you can always know that your hair is getting just what it needs.

This shampoo and conditioner has been specially formulated with ocean silk technology and UV protection with less wash active ingredients and microemulsion technology to protect and prevent colour fade of dyed hair. It adds bounce and leaves hair with a silky shine. Use these products regularly for ultimately protected hair.

A revolutionary shampoo and conditioner set that helps to maintain beautiful, healthy looking hair. Powered by Living Proof’s patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), which improves the health of your hair over time. The shampoo aims to encourage you to be able to wash your hair less often, instantly making your locks look and feel healthier. The conditioner repels dirt and oil. Combined, these products work together to maintain the health of your hair and has been formulated to protect coloured and chemically treated hair.

A highly moisturising shampoo and conditioner set that conditions and re-balances the hairs natural moisture, while leaving it clean and weightless. The Pure Moisture shampoo provides exceptional cleansing and nourishment, leaving hair healthy and restoring natural shine. While the Pure Moisture conditioner leaves the hair intensely soft and silky smooth. Both products include Pro Vitamin B5 which deliver shine, body and manageability. The shampoo offers Shear butter for added nourishment, and the conditioner provides white truffle extracts which is rich in moisture-balancing sugars, infusing the hair and forming a protective layer.

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Feature image: GLAMOUR