We debunked those hair myths.

Whether you’ve been trying to grow your hair for as long as you can remember or you’ve simply been trying to redeem your locks back to health, there are so many do’s and don’t’s that it’s hard to know what to listen to. I spoke to Session Stylist, Ana Gomes, at Blush + Blow London to find out what you should be taking on board when it comes to your hair.

How long can you healthily go without a haircut?

“I would never recommend going longer than 3 months without cutting your hair if you are not styling it at all. If you are having it washed and blowdried regularly, I would say it’s best to have a trim every 6-8 weeks.”

Has this changed? Does this have anything to do with current styles/trends?

“Yes this has a lot to do with people preferring the more messy/ beach wave styles which are best achieved with hair that is not freshly cut, it is also easier to get the hair to hold when it is not as healthy or freshly cut. We all want our blow dries to last as long as possible.” 

So, is it really true that your hair will grow quicker if you cut it more often?

“Yes, every time you cut your hair it stimulates the hair follicles and takes away split ends which will no longer be able to work its way up the hair ensuring your hair is healthy for its best growth.”

Does frequent shampooing damage our hair?

“Yes, every time you wash your hair you are washing away the natural oils. By doing this you are washing away the nutrients of the hair.” 

So, how many times a week should we be washing our hair to ensure that we don’t cause too much damage?

“I would recommend washing your hair once or twice a week maximum to make sure you are not over-drying the hair.”

Do thickening products truly work?

“To be very honest no, they work for the moment they are used but in the long run they dehydrate the hair. They are made to bulk the shaft of the hair but provide no real value to the quality and condition of the hair.”

Will your hair grow faster if you don’t use heat on it?

“Yes, for every time we apply heat we are dehydrating the hair a little more. The dryer the hair the more it struggles to grow.”

So, there we have it. How to keep your hair in tip-top condition from a professional hair stylist. Do you have any tips and tricks to share? We love to hear what you think in the comments.

Feature image: Bustle