For the love of fragrance, show some love on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is our favourite time of year to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. It’s an excuse to show them the extra love that they deserve and treat them to something special. While a bunch of red roses and a box of their favourite chocolates can be a safe and easy option, we know that you’re better off thinking outside of the box. Well, actually, we’ve done all of that thinking for you and paired up the perfect perfumes and aftershaves, no matter who you’re gifting this year.

For your boyfriend

Show your beau just how much you love him this year. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your sixth, fragrance is the go-to gift to put a smile on his face.

For your girlfriend

Treat your girlfriend to a gift as special as her this year. A carefully chosen perfume will go a long way, read our tips on how to choose the perfect scent for her and earn extra brownie points.

For your date

So you might not be an official couple yet; you might not even be sure what you are yet; but you are sure that you’ve got some kind of Valentine’s date this year. You don’t want to gift them too much, but you don’t want to end up gifting too little. It’s fine, we’ve got your back with the perfect type of fragrance gift for your date.

For your wife

She won’t tell you this, but she really doesn’t want another bunch of flowers or box of chocolates. What she really wants is a sparkly new bottle of her favourite perfume.

For your husband

He loves you already, but you know he’ll love you even more when you gift him an indulgent fragrance gift. Choose from our fantastic collection of aftershaves for men and give him the perfect Valentine’s gift.

For your grandparents

We love to treat our grandparents to something sweet and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show them just how much we adore them. Treat them to something they’ll never forget when you give them a special scent.

For your mother

Why wait until Mother’s Day if she’s the love of your life? Repay her for all those year’s that she sent you anonymous Valentine’s cards and treat her to something delightful.

For your friend

Treat your gals or your guys to a fragrance that let’s them know you care. Whether they need cheering up, have done something worth congratulating or you simply want to show them that you value their friendship, shop one of these.

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