She shared a body positivity picture to Instagram captioned, ‘New year, same me’.

And it was exactly what we needed entering the new year.

In the midst of the January ‘new year, new us’ hype, it can feel like we all need to be improving ourselves in one way or another. This usually means modifying our body in some way to fit the socially sufficient indoctrinated ‘measure’ that a new orbit around the sun ostensibly represents. The 30 year old TV star has taken to social media to prove that in fact, the new year, decade, whatever, does not require a single change from you.

‘New year, same me. Because why would I want to change something that brought me the most happiness I could ever imagine.’ She opened her post with, before saying that her body ‘brought her the smiley seven month old in the picture and the most amazing 11 year old taking it.’ The photo of her and her baby boy, Rex has sparked gratitude and a huge sense of inspiration from her followers with some commenting saying, ‘A REAL mum’ and ‘Such a fantastic role models for ladies and girls everywhere!!’.

This is not the first time that she has subtly encouraged and influenced other women to be grateful for the body they have. If you follow Stacey’s Instagram, you’ll see that she loves to share heartwarming snaps and videos from their family holidays.

On numerous occasions Stacey has been admired for her body positivity and encouraging other women to feel the same way and her most recent one has been the perfect start to the new year for many people. This perception that we should have pinpointed something about ourselves which isn’t worthy of staying the same is soul destroying. A new year’s resolution should be something that enables us to progress, like a new job so that you can move into that house we’ve always wanted, or to run that marathon because we want to push our bodies beyond it’s limits.

She’s basically the inspiration that we all need in our lives. The gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you’re a new mum or not, her advice and positive outlook is something that we could all take on board. Our bodies do wonderful things for us and bring us more joy than we can imagine. So let’s spend 2020 the way Stacey would want us to, happy with ourselves and proud of our bodies.

Feature image: Grazia Daily