Stuck for a special Valentine’s gift?

Here’s why scentaddict is the perfect Valentine’s gift this year, and every year after this.

If your Valentine is a fragrance fan, then a scentaddict membership is a gift that they’ll never forget. Why give them one bottle of perfume or aftershave when you can give them a three, six or 12 month supply of multiple fragrances?

If you didn’t already know (where have you been?), scentaddict is an innovative fragrance membership programme created by The Fragrance Shop that allows you to try out different fragrances each month for, well, however long you like.

Before we get started, you’ll need to choose up to 12 scents that you’d like to try. With your first order you’ll receive a luxury, travel-size atomiser that you’ll need to keep throughout your membership, this will be filled with a vial of your first chosen scent. Every month after that, we’ll send you a new vial that’s been carefully filled with your scent choice, ready to pop into your atomiser.

When you gift your loved one a scentaddict membership, you’re not only giving them the gift of scent, but you’re offering them the opportunity to try out different fragrances until they find one that they love. They can mix and match, re-try some if they feel they need a little more time or go back to one they tried before if they enjoyed it. If they do find one that they truly adore, they can redeem a ยฃ12 membership fee against a full-size* bottle of that particular perfume or aftershave.

It truly is the gift that keeps on giving, so whether you’re treating your wife, boyfriend, best friend or even your mum, a scentaddict membership is sure to put a smile on their face.

*Largest size bottle available.