fragrance trend alert

A new fragrance trend is on the horizon, and we know you’re going to love it.

Every now and then, a particular note comes around and suddenly it’s everywhere. The latest fragrance trend is the scent of amber.

Amber is a blend within the fragrance world that describes a warm, powdery, sweet, woody scent. It consists of a soiree of ingredients such as vanilla, patchouli and labdanum and is long lasting, musky, rich, warm and honey-like. Amber notes smell amazing and give great depth to a fragrance. In fragrance workshops and blind tests, amber ingredients are amongst the favourites time and time again. Several of the world’s most coveted designer fragrances harness amber as a base note, which adds depth, allure and mystery to the olfactory experience. If you love a fragrance with personality, make your next purchase a Amber base note. Here are some of our favourite amber scents from this latest fragrance trend.


Prada Amber product image

Prada Amber 30ml – £47.50

A very feminine fragrance, the perfume contains  pure Sandalwood oil from India; addictive Patchouli leaves from Indonesia; precious Labdanum resin from France and profound Benzoin from Siam giving fragrance it’s 4 dimensions: Pure, addictive, precious and profound.


versace crystal noir product image

Crystal Noir 50ml – £39.00

An enchanting floral, oriental fragrance with base notes of amber. Sensual and seductive with a blend of gardenia, peony, orange blossom, musk and sandalwood. A scent that is sweet, sensual, enticing but reassuring at the same time.


michael kors sexy amber product image

Sexy Amber 30ml – £43.50

If you normally wear a fruity Summer fragrance, this is the perfect Autumnal one for you. Sexy Amber puts the spotlight on sumptuous amber wrapped in sandalwood and musk, against a bright backdrop of dazzling orange, mandarin and white florals.


stella mccartney stella product image

Stella, 50ml – £59.50

Stella McCartney’s Stella, is a sexy and seductive fragrance based on the traditional perception of the feminine rose but given a modern and edgy dynamic by contrasting its softness with the sensuality of amber.

All prices are correct as of date published.