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International Lazy Day calls for tip-top lazy skincare routines.

What a day to celebrate, eh? It’s International Lazy Day! This is a calendar date that we can seriously get on board with. Far too often we’re ridiculed in life for being lazy, especially when it comes to looking after our skin. But, a successful skincare routine does not have to be full of a thousand steps! You can, very easily, get away with showing your skin the bare minimum love and teaching it to love you back. Lazy skincare is something that needs to be shouted about more, because for those of us who just cannot be bothered, it’s a true lifesaver.

We’ve put together some products and tips to enhance your lazy skincare routine. If you have the right elements, you can forge a routine that is just as good as one that has many steps with only a few lotions and potions. There really is no necessity to spend an hour a night on your skincare if you don’t want to. So, here are our lazy skincare tips:

Drink water, and drink lots of it

Women drinking water
Image: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Hydrating yourself is one of the simplest, easiest and effective ways to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. While there isn’t actually a whole lot of evidence that drinking water directly helps your skin, there is proof that extreme dehydration will have a damaging effect on it. So, what’s the harm in trying? What drinking water does do, is flush the toxins out of our systems and hydrate our bodies overall. It’s such a simple daily task that many of us already do, so why not up your hydration levels and try to drink between two and three litres of water a day. This takes minimum to little effort, the perfect start to this lazy skincare regime that you’ll thank us for later.

Use Micellar Water

Micellar water is one of the multi-tasking wonders of the beauty world. It takes off makeup and cleanses your skin, ridding of any dirt and sebum build up in one! This one product will save you time in the mornings and the evenings, which is a win-win situation. We love Caudlie’s Micella Cleansing Water, which gently cleanses and removes make-up from the eyes and face in one simple step. The formula is made up of micelles, which trap impurities in the skin (sebum, pollution, oil & traces of make-up) so they can be wiped away easily. Moisturised and soothed the skin is clean & soft.

Shop reusable pads and cloths

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Image: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Not only is this idea eco-friendly (bonus) and cost effective (definite plus!), but it actually makes your life a lot easier too. A reusable face cloth means you can rub your makeup off or clean your face and simply chuck the used cloth into the washing with your underwear. Make sure you start off with a few, so that you always have one clean, but overtime you’ll probably accumulate many! They’ll be your lazy skincare lifesavers, and your bank will probably thank you too!

Invest in a good night cream (and a good night’s sleep)

One of the best pieces of advice we’ve ever been given was by Sylvain Reviron, Ecooking’s Managing Director, and that was to invest in a good night cream. While we switch off and head to sleep, our skin works hard to rejuvenate and replenish our skin after a long day of activities, like battling with the elements and wearing makeup. At night is when our skin absorbs the most active ingredients and restores itself, so feeding your skin these ingredients is key. While this might sound like a lot to take in, worry not, lazy skincare warriors, all you have to do is pop it on your face before you go to bed and your skin does the rest. To read our full interview with Ecooking, click here.

Do regular face masks

Woman putting face mask on
Image: cottonbro from Pexels

Face masks are the epitome of skincare, and there are many reasons for it. Not only to they look aesthetically pleasing, like you are visibly feeding your skin and perfectly Instagrammable, but they’re the beauty equivalent to a ginger and turmeric health shot. They’re full of concentrated ingredients, which is why you only need to use one once or twice a week. Depending on what you prefer to use, be it a sheet masks, clay masks, or overnight masks, they all benefit your skin with as little effort as possible. Ultimate lazy skincare goals.

Wear SPF every single day

Yes, you heard us right. You need to wear SPF every single day, whether it’s rain or shine, even if you think you’re barely going to be outside. It is a must for healthy skin and is the best anti-ageing product you will ever use. Therefore, you can save yourself time, effort and money on multiple products to stop your skin ageing prematurely by simply throwing this on before you do your makeup, or before you head out for the day. UV rays don’t stop for anyone or anything, that includes clouds and some windows, so just because we might not live in Barbados where the sun shines bright and hot, they’re still affecting our skin through the grey British skies.

So, to all of you lazy people out there who are looking for a lazy skincare routine to try, don’t forget these key products. Thank us later (if you can be bothered), you’re very welcome!

Feature image: Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels