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Is your mask ruining your best look? We’ve got you covered.

As you will all know, it’s now compulsory to wear our face masks for the duration that we’re in shops and around shopping centres, as well as while we’re on public transport. Many of us have gone out of our way to shop for reusable (green bonus points for helping the environment) fashion face masks, with lots of high street brands offering various designs and thousands of people setting up Esty shops to sell their homemade creations. So just because our fabulous masks are covering a large portion of our faces, doesn’t mean we can’t still go all out with our makeup. We just have to pick and choose which parts to go all out on. Here are our favourite makeup tips to make your face glow, even with your mask on.

Makeup tips: make your eyes POP

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Image: Laura Garcia from Pexels

So your mask is hiding the majority of your face for the duration that you need to wear it, be it all night long or just in your taxi ride. But, that doesn’t mean you should just forget makeup all together. The one part of your face that won’t be covered is your eyes, so it’s time to go all out with these makeup tips. Whether you’re opting for a natural look or wanting to get your most glam look on, we’ve got just the thing for you. For your everyday, out-for-coffee, go-to look, go for subtle nudes and touch up with a natural false lash for a little lift. This way, you can build on the nudes as much or as little as you like.

For your bottomless brunch or socially distanced drinks look, opt for bolder, more colourful shades and even a hint of glitter. Top it off with black liner and a set of false lashes that add a fuller touch.

Makeup tips: For a natural look

Makeup tips: For a more glam look

Skip the lipstick

If you’ve tried wearing lipstick under your mask already, you’ll know first hand why it’s an absolute no-go, you’ll be the one giving out these makeup tips. Not only will your mask end up covered in whichever colour you have chosen to grace your lips with, but it will also be smudged all over your face. You know the iconic beauty rule, it’s eyes or lips. So now that you’ve done your eyes up, there’s no real need to put too much on your lips! Try adding a touch more lip balm for extra shine, or use a clear lip gloss. That way, if it does smudge, it won’t show. Here are our favourite no-colour lip products to ensure you arrive at your destination looking as good as you did when you left the house.

Ensure your brows are looking good

Image: Min An from Pexels

In the same way that we can now pay extra attention to our eyes while our masks are on, our brows are just as important. Whether you like them neat and tidy or big and bushy, you have every reason to take extra care when doing them. If you still haven’t managed to have a post-lockdown brow touch up, work with what you’ve got and enhance your look (everyone loves a messy brow these days, anyway – right?), so grab your brow gel, add some colour and let your brows shine like the true sisters they are.

Makeup tips: set your face

One of the best ways to help a makeup disaster is to prevent one from happening in the first place, and that’s one of the best makeup tips we’ve ever received. Preparing ourselves will go a long way – and it’s so easy to do. Throw in a primer under your foundation, or simply add a setting powder or spray to your routine. One little added step to your daily routine could make all the difference for that big reveal when you take your mask off, the difference between a full face of makeup or the bottom half being rubbed off.

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