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If you’re on the hunt for a brand new perfume or aftershave, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a loved one, look no further than Loewe. Loewe began as a cooperative of leather artisans in the centre of Madrid in 1846. The German entrepreneur Enrique Loewe Roessberg consolidated the workshop under his name in 1872, creating one of the world’s first luxury houses. As Loewe developed and expanded over the following century, a commitment to modernity emerged as a defining characteristic. Their fragrances reflect their authentic history and are renowned for their iconic bottle designs.

Eau de Parfum fresh, floral and fruity, Loewe Solo Ella is a fragrance with its own personality, feminine and made of contrasts thanks to the combination of the orange notes with green apple notes and white flowers bouquet and woods. A unique, new and mysterious composition that respects the structure of all the LOEWE SOLO fragrances created as of opposed chords in a perfect balance. An innovation in the women fragrance’s world.

This perfume is the allegory of a mysterious and fascinating tree, from its roots to its branches. The top notes include the bright, sparkling and fresh citrus, the Italian Bergamot and the Tangerine of Calabria, and a touch of Cardamom. The Majestic Indian Sandalwood is the centre of this noble and beautiful composition. Its dry side is highlighted by an original Mediterranean wood chord made of Cedar and Cypress making us travel to a dense forest. The Vetiver accompanied by Carrot Seeds brings freshness, originality and masculinity to the heart. The base notes of the composition, as the base of this imposing tree, smell of damp earth from which come out the spring notes of Patchouli. The creamy and sensual texture is driven by the velvety White Musk, the luxurious Ambrette and the iridescent facet of the Violet.

Aura Loewe is Loewe’s muse. This inspiring, mysterious eau de parfum is an icon for women, with notes of rose otto, sandalwood, and a hint of Loewe’s signature leather. A warm tribute to Loewe’s expertise and heritage that is true to the brand’s past and present, this floral, woody fragrance is conceived for the mysterious, inspiring woman. Either you have it or you don’t.

Elegant Eau de Toilette with fresh and spicy top notes, led by grapefruit and pepper, Mediterranean heart notes, accentuated by the notes of basil and lavender, as well as by the original sea water chord and warm and woody base notes of cedar and moss.

The most physical, carnal and voluptuous variant of Quizás Loewe. A floral and fruity eau de parfum that captures the most vivid and sensual experience of the game of seduction. Notes of Sambac jasmine, tuberose and a slight hint of vanilla are infused together in a distinctive aroma. Conceived for the femme fatale whose charms are impossible to resist. A fragrance that ensnares a man in the endlessly looping Mobius strip that is concealed in the bottle of Quizás Loewe Pasión. For a fascinating game of seduction with neither beginning nor end.

Solo Loewe aftershave for men by Loewe. Inspired by 12th and 13th century Toledo where diverse civilisations co-existed in perfect harmony, Solo Loewe is a fragrance based on the necessary contrasts and the serenity of the man that seeks balance. The scent encapsulates wet stone chord, hesperide, wood and rich spices.

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