Switch up these skincare products to keep your cheeks looking and feeling healthy this autumn.

EDITED: 22/09/2020. We’ve reluctantly waved goodbye to our glowing, dewy cheeks that the summer gave to us. It’s been short but sweet, and probably the weirdest summer that any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes, but the leaves will soon start to fall and the crispy mornings will creep in. We can always tell when the weather’s changed when we seem to run out of all our moisturising products quicker than normal. The air is sharper and colder and it takes a huge toll on our skin. It dries it out, hence the overuse of any products with the description ‘hydrating’, ‘moisturising’, or ‘nourishing’. Along with a hesitant farewell to summer skin, we must pop our summer skincare away and bring out our winter skin saviours.

Why do we need to change our routine?

Changing up our skincare regimes is an essential move when it comes to looking after ourselves during the colder seasons. When we get hot and sweaty in the summer we opt for lighter products, or sometimes switch completely to powdered products to reduce sweating our entire faces off (it can be a real struggle). So, now that October is in full swing, we need to reverse the changes we made a few months ago to coincide with the new season.

Why can’t our skincare be the same all year round? That’s a question we regularly hear our bank accounts plead. To ensure that we’re not just going through our face creams like there’s no tomorrow, shopping for a product that has a heavier consistency and density rather than a light texture will really help.

What do we need to swap?

Swap foaming gel cleanser for a cream/balm cleanser

While your skin will already be lacking hydration, you don’t want to be stripping it of anymore natural oils by using a harsh cleanser. A creamier or balm cleanser will nourish and moisturise the skin while still removing dirt, oils and makeup.

Swap physical exfoliators for chemical exfoliators

Exfoliating during the colder months is important as it removes all the dry skin that appears due to the cold weather, however, using the kinds of exfoliants that use actual granules can once again, be far too harsh on winter skin. Try swapping these for chemical exfoliators which aren’t as intimidating as they sound. They use AHA’s, BHA’s or enzyme’s to gently remove the top layer of the skin without any scrubbing involved.

Add serum into your regime

Serum‘s are a highly concentrated treatment to use on your face. They feature small, powerful molecules that are penetrated into the skin. There are tonnes of different types of serum, each of them target different impurities or conditions, but all of them instantly hydrate and feed your skin with goodness. They’re known as the apple cider vinegar shot of the beauty world, and they’ll help all our winter skin blues beyond belief.

Use eye cream

Eye cream is full of skin boosting benefits. Dehydrated skin unfortunately makes fine lines become more obvious, and around our eyes are one of the main culprits for this. This area of our face can easily get chapped, which can not only look and feel uncomfortable, but it doesn’t do our eye makeup any favours either. Keeping the skin around our peepers hydrated will stop this from happening.

Moisturising lip balm

While we should be using lip balm all year round (we’re baffled by those who don’t, how are your lips not dry all the time?!), it is particularly important that you use a good moisturising one, with an SPF factor in it, for winter. Our lips don’t have any oil glands which means that they don’t replenish themselves, which means its our job to do so.

Regular body lotion for rich moisturising cream

If your skin is still feeling dry even after moisturising, that’s a sign you need to switch in a richer moisturiser for both your face and body. Look for ingredients like Essential Fatty Acids in the creams so that you know they will protect and hydrate your skin properly. If you don’t fancy lathering your face with something heavy during the day, just make sure that your night cream is full of richness in order to still reap in the benefits from it.

Invest in a hand cream

During the cold months, our hands battle brittle winds, dry air from heaters and in order to avoid any nasty bugs going around, a whole lot of hand washing and drying. Keeping them moisturised is the key to not suffering from chapped hands and dry skin. Keep a hand cream in your bag and pop one by the sink so that once your hands are clean, you can instantly hydrate them too.

The way we treat our skin is important all year round and we get Take a look at some of our favourite autumn skincare swap out products below.

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