Indulge Beauty welcomes pioneering skincare brand, Rexaline.

Skincare lovers rejoice, there is an exciting new skincare brand on UK shores. Pioneering skincare experts, Rexaline have launched a number of products formulated to the highest performance standard of anti-ageing, consisting of two lines, HYDRA 3D and DERMA. Created in some of the best laboratories in the world, Rexaline offers user’s anti-ageing solutions through both hyper-hydration and age defence technology, containing miracle ingredients and an exclusive duo of Hyaluronic Acid (working on the surface and in depth) at the forefront of their products.


Hydration is the answer to plumped and rejuvenated skin, but by the age of 20 skin begins to lose its water supply and is unable to restore it. The lack of hydration launches a process of flight of youth: wrinkles and fine lines appear; skin loses its firmness and face contours begin to sag. The HYDRA 3D collection contains a set of powerful ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid duo, Red Algae which provides long lasting hydration and Desert Rose, retaining moisture – all helping to keep skin youthful and radiant.

Here are a few of our favourite products from the range.


Combining efficacy with high tolerance, DERMA brings the Rexaline anti-ageing expertise through ‘Hyper Hydration’. Containing 0% parabens, silicones and alcohol, key ingredients include Chamomile, Blue Daisy extracts (re-balances and soothes), Shea Butter (nourishes and repairs), Adenosine (anti-ageing, soothing and smoothing) and Allantoin (repairs, soothes and regenerates cells). This range’s sole purpose is to reduce skin’s sensitivity, irritation and redness, offer anti-stress protection against external aggressors, and ensure skin’s regeneration and comfort.

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