A lot of people say they wouldn’t take a trip to the cinema alone, but here’s why we think it’s actually very good for you.

A lot of people turn their nose up at going to the cinema alone. They either hate the thought of doing it, or simply find it a bit of a weird concept. However, we think that it could be one of the best forms of self-care. Right now, with the ongoing problems that have been brought to us by Covid, cinemas are even emptier than usual. Social distancing means you won’t have to sit directly next to that stranger who puts their hand in their popcorn right at that tense, silent moment of the film. We think this makes the perfect time to go and see the new big-screen hit, and going to the cinema alone really can feel good. Here’s why.

It requires your attention

Watching a film requires your full concentration and to make it worthwhile you need to be fully engaged from the minute the trailers finished. Watching a film on Netflix gives you the (potentially unwelcome) flexibility to pick up your phone and miss 10 minutes of action. In the darkness of a cinema screen where the only lighting is the dim spotlights to lead you up and down the stairs, sitting in the middle of the row with the bright glare of your phone screen shining on you is basically criminal. You just can’t do it. Going to the cinema alone means a few hours without the constant pinging of your phone and without the chance to scroll aimlessly through Instagram out of habit. Its a time to switch off from the outside world and indulge yourself in whatever is going on on the big screen.

Its a luxury

Yes, you could very well sit in front of your TV or laptop and put that same old movie that you’ve seen over and over again. Yes, doing that is free and the snacks are cheaper. But you don’t get the luxury of the huge screen and the surround-sound volume. You don’t get that cinema-quality popcorn, or a drinks holder to keep your Tango Iced Blast in. Going to the cinema is very much a treat, and why shouldn’t you treat yourself? Take this opportunity to care for you, have a drink or dinner alone before or afterwards (or both), and make it into a proper date night for yours truly.

Its fun

It really can be a good time. There used to be a huge stigma around doing things alone, but now, more than ever, solo activities are booming. As adults, men and women, we are focusing more and more on being independent individuals, priding ourselves on it, in fact. Doing things alone means doing things your way without any compromise. You get to choose what film you go and see; you get to choose where and what you eat; you get to choose how long you stay out for. It truly can feel so thrilling to do things by yourself, and going to the cinema alone is no exception to that.

Feature image: byย Donald Tongย fromย Pexels