With the launch of our innovative scent finding quiz, Fragrance Match, we asked you about your perfume shopping habits.

If you haven’t heard of Fragrance Match yet, where have you been? Our innovative quiz that helps you to find your perfect scent is well underway and we couldn’t be more excited. We took to Instagram stories to give you a taster of what to expect when you’re looking for your very own match. We asked you some questions around how you shop for perfume, be it for yourself or as a special gift for someone else.

Here were the questions that we asked, and the results are as follows:

Do you always wear the same fragrance?

We wanted to know whether you are a creature of habit or love to try something new every time you shop. Do you have one signature scent that you swear by and will never be persuaded to wear anything else, or do you get excited by every new launch there is? Here’s what you said:

I wear the same fragrance over and over: 30%

I love to try the latest new scent: 70%

Do you usually buy fragrance for yourself or someone else?

Are you the fragrance gift-er that just keeps on giving? Or do you love to treat yourself to a sweet new scent? We wanted to know whether you think that perfumes and aftershaves make for the best presents for your loved ones, or if they’re the perfect indulgent treat for yourself. You said…

Me, me, me: 72%

Fragrance are for gifts: 28%

Do you prefer woody or floral notes?

Do you love to smell like a fresh bouquet or do you prefer a warming, woody scent? Fragrance notes are a huge part of your fragrance matching, so which one did you go for?

Has to be floral: 67%

100% woody: 33%

When do you tend to wear fragrance?

Some people wear fragrance for every occasion, to the office, to the supermarket, even just to wear on the sofa. Others tend to save it for special occasions only, like a big night out or a wedding. How often do you wear yours?

All the time: 79%

Only on occasion: 21%

How many perfumes or aftershaves do you own?

Do you dream of having a hundred scents to choose from on a daily basis or is this your incredible reality? We would love a whole shelf-full to choose from, a different fragrance for each outfit really would be the dream. What about you?

I own 1-5 bottles: 31%

Oh honey, I have more than 5: 69%