Thinking of doing Sober October? Here’s what could happen to your skin if you do.

Every year when October comes around, so does the back-and-forth idea of not drinking throughout the month. Sober October was set up back in 2010 to encourage people to go booze-free during the month of October to help raise money for MacMillan Charity. If you’re already signed up to the challenge or thinking about it, you’ll be helping out a fantastic cause. However, there will be some benefits in it for you, too. Cutting alcohol out of your diet can do a lot for your health, particularly your skin.

There are a lot of things that drinking alcohol can do to your skin and body. Whether you have a glass of wine with your dinner regularly or have a big blow-out at the weekends, its likely that your body has suffered from one or more of these responses. These are the kind of things you might notice.

Inflammation of the skin

Drinking alcohol can lead to various types of inflammation in your skin, predominantly your face. It can make the your flush red and cause imbalance in the blood pressure. There’s a high chance of your face looking slightly puffy for a while too, especially if you’ve spent a week drinking nothing but cocktails and beer on holiday.

Lacking nutrients

There are a few ways in which your body can end up lacking the nutrients it needs after drinking. It reduces your Vitamin A levels which has a huge impact on your collagen production. Its also a common known fact that while drinking alcohol, our bodies tend to crave salty foods and this is an effect that can last well into the hangover as well. This means that your skin will be effected, not necessarily directly from the alcohol use, but from the way that alcohol prompts you to behave.


You’re probably already very aware of the dehydrating effects that alcohol can have on you (made very evident when you’re gasping for water at 5AM after waking up with a fuzzy head). We’ve all heard of the term ‘breaking the seal’, meaning that once we’ve had a few glasses of wine, we start to need the toilet regularly. What we don’t think about, is that this means we’re losing a lot of liquids from our body, and rather than topping it up with water, we’re simply replenishing the alcohol intake in our system. Dehydrating effects on our skin include dull colouring and fine lines being more apparent.

If you do take part in Sober October, for whatever reason that you choose to, why not take a before and after photo of your skin to see the change. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts!

Photo byย Burstย fromย Pexels