Have you met your Fragrance Match yet?

Have you taken our Fragrance Match quiz to find out your perfect scent? If not, now’s the time to do it. Not only can you find yourself a new signature fragrance, but in the run up to gifting season and Christmas, you’ll never be stuck for what to buy your loved ones again. That’s right, Fragrance Match can help you to find a perfume or aftershave for whoever you’re shopping for! Whether its your Dad, your Nan, your other half, or even your office Secret Santa who you’ve never spoken to before.

Here’s a sneak peek at the kind of fragrances you could be matched with.

Your match is ‘Modern Love

Modern, sensual, iconic.

You fall into the ‘Modern Love’ category. You are modern in nature yet iconic in style. You’re irresistible to those around you and turn heads when you walk into a room. Your aura is charming and sensual, and you are always one step ahead of the crowd.

Fragrance Match: ‘Free Love

Free spirited, sensual, bold.

Your fragrance type is ‘Free Love’. Your audacious personality gets attention, but your exciting and sensual nature keeps them interested. You’re always the first one to jump in the lake, the last one to fall asleep and everyone you meet will instantly fall in love with you.

You matched with ‘Timeless Classic

Classical, bold, timeless.

Your fragrance choices have landed you in the ‘Timeless Classic’ group. Everything you do is sophisticated, elegant and eternally traditional. You love books and the theatre; you prefer to write in a diary rather than keep a calendar on your phone and you’re truly reliable to everyone around you.

If your Fragrance Match was ‘Sophisticated Elegance‘…

Sophisticated, elegant, bold.

You are part of the ‘Sophisticated Elegance’ group. Your boldness shines above the rest, but it’s done with ultimate grace and style. You can subtly hold the room, capturing everyone’s attention with your intelligence and glamour and you never have a dull conversation.

You are a ‘Romantic Seduction‘ Fragrance Match

Romantic, sensual, elegant.

You fall into the ‘Romantic Seduction’ fragrance category. If you were a colour, you’d be red. Everything about you is tempting yet classy, and those around you just can’t seem to resist you. You turn heads but keep them guessing with the mysteriously elegant glow that surrounds you.

You’re a ‘Leading Pioneer

Innovative, complex, modern.

You come under the ‘Pioneer’ fragrance category. You’re a natural born leader who thrives on a challenge and is always up for trying something new. Your complex mind will take you to places that others can only imagine, the only way for you is up.

Match me with a ‘Modern Rebel

Free spirited, modern, energetic.

Your fragrance choices land you in the ‘Modern Rebel’ category. You’re mischievous and full of energy, and you don’t like to play by the rules. Your free spirit is what people love about you. You’re spontaneous and choose to spend your time mostly with those who will pursue your impulsive nature.

You got ‘Dynamic Energy

Sporty, energetic, modern.

Your choices mean that you’ve fallen into the ‘Dynamic Energy’ fragrance category. Your love for sport reveals the energy that you have inside of you. You probably rock athleisure 7 days a week and have a full wardrobe dedicated to your trainers. 

Hey, you’re ‘Urban Edge

Urban, modern, bold.

You’ve landed in the ‘Urban Edge’ fragrance category. You’re an edgy character and you love to show it. Your authentic dress-sense screams ‘city-life’ and you definitely have a well thought through Instagram grid that’s full of witty humour and bold fashion (duh).

Your macth was ‘Enigmatic Desire’

Bold, sensual, modern.

Your choices have landed you in the ‘Enigmatic Desire’ fragrance category. Everything you do is done with nothing but passion and modesty; you create a fine line between humbleness and mystery. Your contemporary attitude towards life is a charm that those around you are fascinated by.

Of course, ‘Elegant Luxury’

Luxurious, sensual, elegant.

Your fragrance choices have landed you in the ‘Elegant Luxury’ category. Your opulent lifestyle is not one to be missed, but also not one to be boasted about. Your sophisticated nature knows to keep it under the radar, so only those close to you know how lavish you truly are.

You matched with Ethereal Beauty

Effortless, soft, sensual.

You have fallen into the ‘Ethereal beauty’ fragrance category. You are effortlessly desirable; everyone wants to be your friend. Your gentle spirit is nothing short of inviting, and once people get to know you, they just can’t get enough of you.

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