best winter perfumes

Updating your fragrance wardrobe for the colder months? These are our best winter perfumes for women in 2020.

Yes, winter perfumes are indeed a thing. And they’re a thing not to be ignored. Update and upgrade your fragrance wardrobe with a scent perfect to warm you up in these colder months. Think richer perfumes, deeper notes and ultimate cosiness when you wear one of these winter perfumes for women.

Sì Passione Eau De Parfum Intense, the fragrance for women by Giorgio Armani, captures the vibrating true passion. The iconic Sì signature of blackcurrant nectar is blended with an emphatic floral heart made of a jasmine duo, creating a fierce and powerful energy that is further enhanced by patchouli essence and vanilla extract. An ode to vibrating femininity, Sì Passione Eau De Parfum Intense celebrates the contrast between the floral brightness and the intensity of passion. In Giorgio Armani’s own words, “Intensity doesn’t need to be dark. Intensity is a movement in the making, a continuous vibration.

From the AllSaints debut fragrance collection for all. Enigmatic. Indelible. Floral. A flower is open, full of light and life, and symbolic of beauty. Mortis, the Latin word for death, is dark, final, and feared. Both unforgettable and both celebrated, marking a beginning and an ending – nonetheless, momentous. Flora Mortis, a woody floral scent, is a welcome addition to the AllSaints’ exclusive unisex fragrance collection. Presenting a floral heart, the top note is orchid. While the scent of black pepper and amberwood evoke a smoky halo, leaving a sensual and contrasting trail.

What makes you feel alive? Every woman has her own answer. Inspired by living life to the fullest and finding your own way, Alive from Hugo Boss empowers women on their path to success. Contemporary and confident, blending soft and bold notes, Alive perfume fragrance leaves a trail of positive energy. Sparkling apple and plum top notes exude optimism, while a powerful floral heart of jasmine sambac reveals radiant femininity. The contrasting base fuses woody notes with a magnetic vanilla absolute, bringing comfort and confidence. A golden ornament surrounds the glass bottle like a piece of jewellery, while the nude pink juice captures the light, reflecting the aspirational, life-affirming nature of Alive.

This bright fragrance opens with sparkling bergamot, lime and tagete. Enhanced by captivating rich oud and golden saffron in the heart, a cushion of soft powdery musk competes with balsamic amber, woods and mosses to form a captivating and mysterious base. Incandescent & Refined – a fragrance of captivating complexity.

The most potent version of Black Orchid ever made, Black Orchid Parfum amplifies the iconic sensuality of the original. Its effect elevates the most elusive and darkest of flowers to powerfully seductive new heights – revealing a magnified signature of potent ylang-ylang flowers dipped in golden rum. Created exclusively for Tom Ford, the Tom Ford black orchid was born of his quest for the perfect flower – luxurious, elegant, pure and sophisticated. New Black Orchid Parfum offers an amplified presence of the precious essential oil – revealing new olfactive dimensions where hypnotic black orchid and ylang-ylang are heightened, and luscious black plum becomes even more pronounced. Celebrating the impact of the seductive innovation, the Parfum is presented with an all-over gold flacon, from plaque to cap.

Celebrating every woman’s voice, VOCE VIVA is the new women’s fragrance by Valentino. Valentino Voce Viva draws a parallel between the sound of your voice and the scent of your fragrance.
Like a voice, a fragrance is personal, intimate, and leaves a trace. This fragrance offers a radiant floral bouquet, made addictive and powerful through an unexpected crystal moss accord, which embodies the strength and intimacy of your voice.

The new Eau de Parfum Intense brings a fierce sensuality to the LIBRE floral signature. br> The structure of the original LIBRE composition celebrates the signature tension present in all YSL fragrances: tension between aromatic lavender from France and sensual orange blossom absolute from Morocco. The Eau de Parfum Intense is emboldened by a melting floral heart where a flamboyant orchid accord blazes with sensuality. The fragrance reveals creamy and smoky facets before unveiling a woody-ambery base which fuses smooth vanilla and vetiver for depth and intensity.

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