Refillable fragrances from Armani, Mugler and Lancome

Refill your fragrance this Global Recycling Day to breathe new life into your favourite scents and reduce the environmental impact (and cost) of treating yourself.

Nearly 30 years after the House of Mugler revived an 18th century tradition of perfume fountains, more brands are taking steps to reduce waste and make fragrance sustainable for the sake of our planet.

Brands like IKON boast nearly 100% recyclable packaging and the rise of responsibly sourced ingredients across the fragrance industry shows commitment to making it as low-impact as beauty has become. The next big move? Refillable fragrances.

What are refillable fragrances?

Refillable fragrances are exactly what they promise to be. Instead of throwing away your empty, beautiful fragrance bottles to buy a new one, you can simply refill it.

Besides eliminating unnecessary bottle production and cutting waste, you’ll also save yourself a few pennies while you’re at it. Who can say no to that?

How can I refill my fragrances?

Refilling your fragrance might sound daunting but it couldn’t be easier in 2021.

Mugler lead the way into eco-conscious fragrance with its in-store Mugler Fountain, which can be found at The Fragrance Shop stores across the UK. The innovation allows people to refill their favourite fragrance bottles at a reduced price and is still available, but now you can also do it yourself at home.

Refill bottles are available from brands including Armani and Lancôme so you can simply fill up your empty bottles whenever they run out… and the savings you can make are HUGE.

Which fragrances can I refill?

Armani | My Way Eau De Parfum 150ml Refill

 Armani | My Way Eau De Parfum 150ml Refill | £124.50

Armani created its My Way fragrance specifically with refills in mind. Each bottle size – 30ml, 50ml and 90ml – is designed to be unscrewed and refilled at home with a refill bottle.

The gorgeous 150ml refill bottle is priced incredibly at only £124.50, which can save you a small fortune. Enough to fill a 30ml spray bottle five times over or a 50ml three times, saving you around 33% off compared to buying brand new every time.

Mugler | 50ml, 60ml, 90ml and 100ml Refills | £54.50 – £92.00

Thierry Mugler, the original refill pioneer, has created a 100% sustainable cycle with his vast fragrance collection. All Mugler Eau De Parfums and Eau De Toilettes are available as refill bottles in four different sizes for extraordinarily discounted prices.

From the classics Alien, Angel and Aura Mugler to the spin-offs Angel Muse, Alien Man, Alien Eau Extraordinaire and Alien Essence Absolue, the entire Mugler family is refillable. The refill bottles come with a tiny funnel to make it as simple as possible.

Buying the Alien 30ml Refillable Spray for £56.50 feels even better knowing it’ll only cost you £84.50 for the next 100ml. Who could say no?!

Lancome | Idole Refill

Lancome | Idole | 25ml, 50ml and 75ml Refills | £33.00-£59.00

Lancôme has introduced the refillable way to its fragrances with the incomparable Idole.

The legendary brand is playing its part in reducing environmental impact with refills available for all three bottle sizes. The 25ml, 50ml and 75ml sprays are all easily refillable at a lower price, with each refill bottle saving you up to £28.50.

Armani, Mugler and Lancôme are just three of the brands making a difference with their refillable fragrances. Reduce the cost and impact of your fragrance shopping by introducing refills to your everyday, and help beyond this Global Recycling Day.