The Best De-Stress Products That Actually Work For Stress Awareness Month

When it comes to finding the best de-stress products, the burning question is usually ‘… but will this actually work?’ With so many products and promises at our fingertips, it can nearly cause more stress trying to decide which ones to choose.

Your never-ending to-do-lists might have meant you missed the memo but it’s Stress Awareness Month all April, and we want to help you unwind and recharge. It’s been a stressful year to say the very least and early research has shown that the amount of fear, worry and anxiety since the first lockdown has caused everybody to feel more uptight in general.

Looking after our mental health has never been more vital. Self-care goes beyond Sunday face masks (though they do help!) as there are skincare and bodycare products proven to have long-lasting effects on our physical health. We may not always realise but relieving our bodies of the stress and tension they’re carrying will improve our mental wellbeing tenfold.

As more brands concentrate product lines to fulfil specific purposes, we are introduced to life-changing products that deliver on their promises. Tried and tested by Beauty at The Fragrance Shop, these are some of the best de-stress products that will make a real change in your daily routine and life in general.

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel 150ml

Aromatherapy Associates | De-Stress Muscle Gel 150ml | £28.00 NOW £21.00

Whether you work a strenuous job or spend a long time without moving (hello, WFH-ers!), the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel will help ease aches and stimulate circulation. Combining Black Pepper and Ginger essential oils, this powerful muscle gel will soothe tension with a deep, comforting warmth.

The Rosemary and Lavender make it smell utterly divine (bring the spa to your home) but this multi-purpose gel would be worth it even if its fragrance wasn’t so lush. Using the finest, responsibly sourced essential oils from India and China, simply massage a generous amount directly over your aching muscles and joints twice a day.

Pro tips: Use before and after exercise to reduce the likelihood of pain or aches, and use at least twice a day when sitting at your desk to keep your circulation going.

Stress tip: Ginger essential oil stimulates the mind and aids with digestion. One to look out for when shopping!

More? Vegan, nut-free, SLS-free and free from petro-chemicals.

Skin & Tonic Skin & Tonic - De Stress Mask - 50g

Skin & Tonic | De-Stress Face Mask 50g | £28.00

We use face masks for many different reasons: blemishes, redness, oiliness, dryness. You name it. Sometimes we just do it for the fun of it, as a nice relaxing treat, don’t we? Well, Skin & Tonic has created a face mask with de-stress-ing benefits so that feeling doesn’t disappear once it’s washed off.

Best suited to dry, neglected skin, the Skin & Tonic De-Stress Face Mask is a super-soothing facial treatment with properties to calm busy minds. Made with only six ingredients – 100% natural, 80% organic – the powdered mask combines hydrating Aloe Vera, calming Lavender, repairing Coconut Milk and gently detoxifying Kaolin Clay.

Unlike ready-to-use masks, this treatment also (nicely) demands you make time for yourself. Instead of simply tearing off the top, you can have a mindful few minutes and mix the powder into a creamy paste then apply. Skin & Tonic recommends to use it once a week, so don’t overdo it!

Westlab Mindful Bath Salts with Frankincense, Bergamot & CBD Oil – 1kg

Westlab | Mindful Bath Salts with Frankincense, Bergamot & CBD Oil – 1kg | £7.99 NOW £6.39

You will definitely have heard about Westlab bath salts by now. As the UK’s number one bath salt brand, their range of 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free products have demystified the natural world of bath salts to make the physical and mental benefits accessible to everybody.

Not sure what bath salts actually do? Well, bubble baths with candles may feel relaxing but without bath salts you’re just in plain old bubbled water. Westlab bath salts nourish your body with mineral salts to de-stress, relax and untangle the knots you don’t even know are there.

The Mindful Bath Salts combine two of their hero ingredients, Epsom (relaxes aching muscles) and Himalayan salts (for radiant, healthy skin) with three unique oils known to calm. Bergamot – known as a natural antidepressant – calms and gently uplifts, the grounding effects of Frankincense have been used in meditation for centuries, and CBD Oil is known to reduce anxiety and depression.

This Mindful extension of Westlab’s unique bath salts will upgrade your baths tenfold. How much to use? Half a kilo (they come in 1kg bags) will do the trick, and it works better if you put the salts at the bottom of your bath. Thank us later.

Dr Bronner Lavender Bar soap 140g

Dr. Bronner | Lavender Bar Soap 140g | £5.35

It’s likely you’ve noticed Lavender plays a central part in most of these products, which may not come as a surprise. Lavender has long been known to help reduce stress and anxiety since the art of aromatherapy began being practiced, which is why it’s frequently in bath products and pillow sprays to help calm us.

Dr. Bronner’s all-in-one hemp Lavender Bar Soap can be used for anything and everything. If you’re new to Dr. Bronner, the all-natural brand of multi-purpose soap uses the purest organic Fair trade oils with no synthetic ingredients, making everything fully organic.

This means you can wash your face, body and hair with pure Lavender and Lavandin oils to smoothe the body and soothe the mind all at once. Its all-in-one nature is de-stressing in itself then when you take away the question mark of ‘what’s actually in this?’ you can just pamper yourself in peace with zero worries.

These are truly four of the best de-stress products that have come through in recent years. Not only do they live up to their promises of de-stressing but they are flexible enough to fit into your everyday, be a weekly treat or use as and when you fancy.

It’s important to invest in yourself but more important to ensure your investments are genuinely beneficial to your overall health, so we hope we’ve answered any questions you have about these products! Look after yourself this Stress Awareness Month.