Try a new fragrance every month with scentaddict perfume subscription at The Fragrance Shop

Not sure which fragrance to choose for your scentaddict perfume subscription this month? Well, once you smell the new YSL Libre Eau De Toilette, it’ll be hard to look back.

With more than 500 bestselling fragrances to choose from every month, filling your scentaddict perfume subscription with your favourite few on rotation might be tempting. However, with so many different scents at your fingertips, it’d be a shame not to try new fragrances like the YSL Libre EDT.

The fresh new edition of Yves Saint Laurent’s daring modern classic has become a quick favourite of Spring 2021 since its launch last month. Pivoting ever so slightly to the light side, the EDT offers a carefree twist to the empowering fragrance without losing its signature appeal.

Try YSL Libre Eau De Toilette with scentaddict perfume subscription at The Fragrance Shop

The YSL Libre trademark blend of Lavender and Orange Blossom is given new life with White Tea for a breezier affair, although its spirited flair and freedom-seeking nature doesn’t lose any of its potency despite the lower concentration. (What’s the difference between an Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette? Let us answer that for you.)

Perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim remastered the classic formula to streamline its alluring essence without diluting its bold edge, making it the perfect scent to choose with your scentaddict perfume subscription throughout April. Before committing to the 50ml (£65.50) or 90ml (£89.50) Spray bottles, spend 30 days basking in the boundless energy of YSL Libre EDT with your dainty 8ml scentaddict subscription for only £12 this month.

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