Shop niche perfumes Yú Parfums from The Fragrance Shop

Curious about niche perfumes with no idea where to start? We have the perfect introduction as Yú Parfums is here to open our eyes.

Yú Parfums is ready to make niche perfumes accessible to the masses. With their discovery sets and themed editions, we are invited to the once-intimidating world of niche fragrances to explore the endless potential of fragrance with their unisex, natural and vegan scents that are simply out of this world.

Previously only available to their Yú Parfums community, we are thrilled to say the invitation has been extended to The Fragrance Shop customers, the first retailer to bring Yú (yes, you) their niche perfumes more easily.

What are niche perfumes?

Any fragrance lover with sustainability on their mind will know how mass-produced perfumery is playing catch up to beauty and other industries. This is one of the main reasons why many people are turning to the world of niche fragrances.

Niche perfumery ultimately equates to limited editions, smaller production lines, supporting local businesses, responsible sourcing and unique olfactive experiences free from more traditional gendered marketing.

Of course, these principles aren’t one-for-all. They are all true for our number one niche perfume brand Yú Parfums, though, which is why we love it so much.

Shop niche perfumes Yú Parfums at The Fragrance Shop

Originally a subscription service, Yú Parfums delivered its own niche fragrance community with three new scents every two months. Each themed edition has been created with the finest ingredients from the same trusted growers to introduce three unique scents inspired by nature.

World-class perfumers have made olfactive experiences inspired by woods, fabrics and skin, and we have truly never smelled fragrances like these before. From the earthy green woods of Chapter II (edition I) to the undeniably lavish leathery, oud-infused Chapter VI (Edition II), they’re magnificent.

Given the brand’s overnight success, the first editions of Yú Parfums are now available to non-subscribers via The Fragrance Shop! You can purchase the discovery boxes to try all of the scentsand then pick up a full 100ml bottle of your favourite.

The discovery boxes come with three 10ml fragrances and a personal atomiser, so you can simply choose your scent of the day and spritz away on-the-go. Minimal waste, fuss-free and suitable for your gym bag or handbag – honestly, what’s not to love?

Shop niche perfumes Yú Parfums from The Fragrance Shop

It’s no wonder Edition II was Highly Commended in the Best New Niche Fragrance category at the 2021 Pure Beauty Global Awards last month… Slay, Yú Parfums!

The first two editions are now available to buy exclusively from The Fragrance Shop. Edition I is currently on offer at £40.00 and the newly-arrived Edition II is £50.00.

We don’t want to be those kinda people but we have also smelled Edition III and, wow, you want to set your alarms for that one! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so can be the first to know when it drops.