Cyber Monday just got even more out-of-this world… We bring you the most futuristic and innovative fragrances of today to add to your scentaddict scent queue. And if you don’t have a scentaddict subscription, well here’s your sign from the stars to get one…


An iconic fragrance brand (hands up if you know someone who wore Alien when you were growing up 🙋🏽‍♀️) not only for their extra-terrestrial names and perfectly suited bottles, but their insane scents too!
o Mugler Alien Man
o Mugler Alien Man Fusion
o Mugler Amen Pure Havane
o Mugler Alien
o Mugler Angel
o Mugler Aura
o Mugler Alien Fusion
o Mugler Angel Muse
o Mugler Goddess

Paco Rabanne

Ok, so there’s nothing quite as fitting to Cyber Monday as Paco Rabanne Phantom. When it comes to futuristic fragrances and being ahead-of-the-game, Paco do it and they do it right!
Step into the Paco Galaxy and join an intergalactic party with Phantom, the Paco robot fragrance.

An excitingly bold and futuristic aromatic blend which encompasses three layers of lavender all artificially created in a lab making it very ethically friendly.

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