With each new year comes a fresh slate and an opportunity to re-invent yourself. Most of our new year resolutions can be boiled down to one thing: showing up for yourself. Whether you promise to join a local sports team, reach a new milestone or finally sus out a skincare routine, you’re investing time and effort into yourself. Many people find it difficult to stick to the promises they’ve made to themselves but you can stay motivated by taking a little time every day to build up your confidence.

Fragrance has become a vital part of people’s daily routines due to its mood-boosting abilities. A few sprays of a high-quality scent can take you from looking the part to really feeling it. Below, you’ll find the most popular new years resolutions and hand-picked a complimentary scent to set you up for success. Even if you promised to spend less this year, we still have you covered with up to 70% off of selected fragrances.

  1. Calvin Klein | CK Everyone 100ml
  2. Carolina Herrera | Good Girl 50ml
  3. Dior | Sauvage 60ml
  4. Chloe | L’Eau 50ml
  5. Versace | Eros 50ml
  6. Moschino | Fresh Couture 50ml
  7. Paco Rabanne | Invictus 100ml
  8. Gucci | Flora Gorgeous Gardenia 50ml
  9. Paco Rabanne | Phantom 100ml

Eat Clean – Calvin Klein | CK Everyone

The 1st of January also marks the start of Veganuary, a month-long pledge to consume more plant-based, cruelty-free products. Many who participate find it suits them and switch up their lifestyle long-term. If you want to have a cleaner, greener 2022, we recommend Calvin Klein’s CK Everyone. A wonderful unisex fragrance, made from naturally derived ingredients, CK Everyone is a balance of energizing citrus with a blue tea accord and a spicy base of cedarwood. 

Find a New Job – Caroline Herrera | Good Girl | Dior | Sauvage

Have you got your sights on a promotion this year? Or maybe you want a complete change of career? Either way, you need to let everyone know that you’re cool, collected and you get what you want. Make the best first impression with an enthralling fragrance.

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl is a classy and confident fragrance, perfect for the modern businesswoman. Beginning with top notes of almond, coffee and lemon, Good Girl opens up to a seductive heart of tuberose, orange blossom and Bulgarian rose. Its base includes sandalwood, cacao and patchouli alongside sweeter notes of vanilla, cinnamon and praline. With this complex fragrance, you’ll assert yourself and stand out from all the other applicants.

With its fresh bergamot and woody Ambroxan base, its easy to see why Dior’s Sauvage has become a firm favourite with distinguished gentleman. Inspired by wide open spaces, creator François Demachy has produced an eau de toilette that recalls the power of the natural world. Make a statement with this distinctive masculine scent and stake your claim on your dream job.

Travel More – Chloe | Love Story Eau Sensuelle | Versace Eros

Fancy a change of scenery? A travel-sized fragrance will be the perfect companion on your next adventure. Selecting a holiday fragrance will create a scent memory that you can revisit in a single spritz. Who doesn’t want a vacation in a bottle?

Chloe L’Eau is a delicate floral scent that combines delightful citrus with sweet rose on a sultry base of patchouli. Fresh and exciting, this eau de parfum exudes French glamour and is the ideal sidekick to a chic city getaway.

Versace’s Eros references Greek-Roman mythology with its title and the lush Mediterranean sea with its turquoise bottle. It mixes mint leaves, apple and Italian lemon zest on an intricate base of amber, tonka bean and oak moss. This scent was made for radiant afternoons by the sea but you can bring it anywhere and take the sunshine with you.

Worried about your glass bottle bouncing around in your suitcase? Sign up to scentaddict and receive a free twist and spritz atomizer that you can tuck safely away.

Join The Gym – Moschino| Fresh Couture | Paco Rabanne | Invictus

Over the years, the infamous Get Fit Resolution has become less about body building and more about mental wellbeing. From gentle yoga to intense cross fit, exercise is wonderful for releasing stress and building confidence.

Those post-gym endorphins are best enjoyed with an uplifting, sporty fragrance. That’s why we’ve put together an entire workout collection for scentaddict, the innovative fragrance subscription service by The Fragrance Shop. For £12, you’ll receive a month’s supply of your chosen scent in a handy, sleek travel-size case – so no heavy bottles bouncing around your gym bag! With the ability to pause your deliveries, and a £12 discount on a full-size bottle, scentaddict is ideal for fragrance fans on the go.

Moschino’s aptly named Fresh Couture is exciting eau de toilette that will make you smell (and feel) squeaky clean. Inside this quirky spray bottle, you’ll find notes of bergamot and ylang ylang on top of a raspberry and white peony heart. Even the base has a cheeky, carefree feel thanks to the white patchouli with light woods.

There was no doubt about it, Paco Rabanne Invictus had to be the workout aftershave of choice. Featuring top notes of invigorating grapefruit and mandarin with an outstanding marine accord, Invictus leaves a lasting impression thanks to its base of guaiac wood and oakmoss. Energizing and addictive, it smells exactly like success.

Be More Outgoing – Gucci | Floral Gorgeous Gardenia | Paco Rabanne | Phantom

If you don’t want a full rebrand, why don’t you resolve to be more you in 2022? Take time to learn a new hobby, introduce yourself to new people or even take yourself out on solo dates. Take the world by storm with these head turning fragrances.

It’s not hard to figure out the staring role in Flora Gorgeous Gardenia. Famed for its sweet yet vibrant aroma, gardenia is said to be used in elixirs and magical potions. Gucci has also added jasmine, mandarin and an unexpected sprinkle of brown sugar, resulting in an alluring scent that will leave you spellbound.

Paco Rabanne Phantom is an enigmatic scent for the man who stands out. Designed to clash in all the best ways, the sweet notes of vanilla highlight the zest of the Italian lemon and the smoky aroma of vetiver. If the delightful robot design isn’t unique enough, the 100 and 150 ml bottles can connect to your phone! Tap your new friend with your phone to unlock the Phantom Universe and explore exclusive online content. 

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