Today is National Hugging Day! Even if you’re not a fan of PDA, you can’t deny the comfort of a warm embrace whether it’s with your loved one, your pet or even your duvet.

While scent is often used to boost the wearer’s mood and nurture their confidence, different fragrance notes often fulfil different roles. Zesty citrus, for example, is known for promoting mental energy, adding pep into its wearer’s step. Warm, spiced notes on the other hand create a soothing effect –  like an all-day cuddle. That’s why we’re celebrating National Hugging Day with our favourite warm and cosy fragrances.

1667 | Honey Tobacco EDP 100ml | £175

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1667’s Honey Tobacco is a captivating Eau de parfum that carries a variety of spiced notes such as clove, saffron and cinnamon that are balanced with sweet honey and creamy tonka bean. It sits on a decadent base of smokey sandalwood, vetiver and (of course) tobacco.

Prada | Amber Pour Homme EDT 100ml | £74.50

Prada’s Amber Pour Homme features uplifting top notes of cardamom, neroli and bergamot with a myrrh and musk heart that gives way to an earthy base of leather, patchouli and (surprise, surprise) amber!

Prada | Candy EDP 50ml | £71.50

Have more of a sweet tooth? Don’t worry, Prada still has you covered. Candy is amber-based Eau de parfum that smells of warm caramel and vanilla. This one brings us back to toasting marshmallows on a campfire.

IKON | 906 EDP 100ml £60.00

IKON’s 906 combines strong nutmeg and peppercorn notes with delicate florals like tuberose and ylang-ylang to create an addictively sensual fragrance.

Yú Parfums | Tokyo By Night EDP 100ml | £120

Yú Parfums creates enchanting scentscapes with their rich, intricate fragrances. Alongside the classic musk-amber accord, Tokyo By Night features a surprising twist of sharp peppermint and rose. Innovative and exciting, this fragrance is the perfect gift for a scent fanatic who craves new experiences.

Esteé Lauder | Youth Dew EDP 67ml | £43.50

Esteé Lauder first launched Youth Dew back in 1953 and its combination of soft jasmine and lavender on top of heady moss and pachouli made it an instant crowd favourite. Brimming with romantic nostalgia, wearing this feels like watching your favourite classic movie on a rainy day.

Narciso Rodriguez | Narciso Ambrée EDP 30ml | £49.50

While the previous fragrances feel like a soft blanket, Narciso Ambrée by Narciso Rodriguez embodies the warmth of summer. The fruity-yet-floral frangipani joins amber and cedarwood to recall sunny afternoons, lounging by the pool.

Do you have a go-to cosy fragrance? What scents make you feel safe and warm? We’d love to see your picks on Insta @fragranceshopuk