Since their first show in September of last year, TFS Live has gone from strength to strength. We followed presenter Jolie Sharpe as she travelled to the studio and prepared for a 7 PM show.

4:30 PM

Jolie is based in London, but she travels to Manchester most weeks to film at the TFS Live Studio. Today she arrives in the evening, carrying bags of makeup and clothes for the episode ahead. There’s no time for her to put her feet up after her long journey, though, and she immediately gets to work. This week’s show features a wide range of YSL fragrances and beauty products, and she needs to meet with the YSL representative who’s bringing them all to the studio.

Jolie is giving the rep directions to the studio over the phone as we load up the car with equipment and set off for TFS Live HQ. We get there just as the call ends and she apologises for not being too busy to talk.

“I have to get here at least two hours beforehand,” she tells me, “because there’s all these things that we can’t prepare until the day of.”

Once we arrive at the studio, she’s off again, unpacking her bags while the crew updates her on how they’re setting up the space.

Originally pitched as an exciting new channel to browse The Fragrance Shop’s products, TFS Live has become much more than a live selling show. The inclusion of a live chatroom has turned it into a popular online space to discuss fragrance and beauty, with regular giveaways of high-end products.

5:30 PM

The featured products have yet to be dropped off, but that doesn’t stop Jolie from set dressing. She uses bottles of water and hand sanitizer so the cameramen can figure out which angles to use in the mean time. Once they’ve figured that out, she starts testing the mics straight away.

“Audio is essential in a show like ours,” Jolie mentions, “so of course it’s the first thing to go wrong.”

Anyone that watches TFS Live already knows about Jolie’s gift for the gab. Whether she’s chatting with a guest or running the show by herself, she always knows just how to keep the conversation going. Despite her hectic schedule, she keeps chatting away to me and I often have to remind her that I’m supposed to be interviewing her.

“Fragrance is a personal thing, people experience scents in different ways, so it’s great having a place where we can come together and discuss them,” she says, “there’s a growing online community of fragrance fans, so I think we timed the launch of TFS Live really well.”


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โ™ฌ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy
A clip of a recent show with influencer @amelia.liana

6:00 PM

The YSL rep, and her suitcase of fragrance and beauty, have arrived! Jolie and the team waste no time in setting up pre-recorded shots. These will give the viewers a closer look at the items during the show, while Jolie gives them all the details through a voiceover. Once she’s satisfied that they’ve prepped all the technical aspects, she empties out her makeup bag and gets glammed up.

6:30 PM

Everything is lined up for the 7 PM show but, unfortunately, have to dash off. I wish Jolie good luck, though after all her hard work I don’t think she’ll need it.

“If you can spare the time, catch the show on your phone,” she says as I put on my coat, “we’re giving away ยฃ500 worth of fragrance and beauty! We’re asking everyone where they’d wear Illicit Green, and I’m picking the most creative answer.”

7 PM

I take Jolie up on her offer and watch the show on my phone as I ride the train. Joining the competition might be a conflict of interest, so I sit back and watch as the other viewers talk about where and when they’d wear the new YSL fragrance. She was right when she said they’d timed the launch well, TFS Live offers a new dimension to the online fragrance discourse. The continuous back and forth feels a lot more real than leaving a comment on a social media post, and I felt like I was joining a close-knit group of fragrance enthusiasts.

Coming Up…

Catch the next TFS Live show at 12PM on Tuesday the 15th of March, and enter their latest giveaway. On top of learning all about Jean Paul Gaultier’s new fragrance Le Belle Fleur Terrible (exclusive only to The Fragrance Shop) one lucky viewer will walk away with a range of JPG fragrances worth over ยฃ400!

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