Who’s in the mood for a bit of newness?

Since you’ve just been paid, why not treat yourself to something brand new? We’ve collected our favourite new launches, from brands like Prada, Givenchy and more!

Givenchy | L’interdit Hair Mist 35ml | £37.00

OK, L’interdit might not be a brand new fragrance, but this mist is a fresh new way of wearing such a classic scent. Give yourself a few spritzes and flick your hair to wow every passer-by with luscious notes of Tuberose, Orange Blossom and Vetiver.

Prada | Luna Rossa Ocean 50ml | £55.50

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean is a charming new masculine fragrance featuring earthy Orris Root with a sensual Suede and Saffron accord. This is a perfect signature scent for the upcoming Summer months!

Issey Miyake | L’Eau D’Issey Eau & Magnolia | £64.50

A wonderfully refreshing scent with zesty Bergamot, delicate Magnolia and a creamy Sandalwood base. Since it’s an intense blend, this clean, refreshing fragrance will last all day.