Next time the hustle and bustle of modern life has you feeling down, why not center yourself with a comforting fragrance?

As well as altering how others perceive you, fragrance can also evoke certain feelings and emotions. Whether you want to feel confident on a night out or gently lull yourself to sleep, notes of Lavender and Bergamot are the perfect way to unwind. Because we love spoiling you, we’ve selected 4 comforting fragrances for men and they all cost under £13 a month with scentaddict.

What’s scentaddict?

If you love fragrance, but you can’t splurge on every scent that catches your eye, scentaddict is the perfect subscription service for you. For £12 a month, they’ll send you a thirty day supply of your chosen fragrance along with a sleek travel-size atomizer that you can pop in your satchel, your suitcase or even your coat pocket.

Prada | Luna Rossa

Prada Luna Rossa balances the gentle top notes of Lavender and Clary Sage with an uplifting Minty heart. A base of hazy Ambrette provides the perfect cosy finish to this comfy fragrance.

Moschino | Toy Boy

Featuring top notes of Peppercorn and Bergamot, Moschino Toy Boy opens up to a heart of soft Rose and spicy Clove before drying down to a creamy Sandalwood base.

Calvin Klein | Defy

Calvin Klein Defy begins with Lavender and slowly transitions to a smokey Vetiver heart before leaving a warm trail of Amber.

Jean Paul Gaultier | Le Male

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male pairs aromatic Cardamom with soft Lavender and Iris, on an intriguing base of Vanilla and Cedarwood.

Carolina Herrera | Bad Boy

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy blends a welcoming Bergamot top note with a Cedar heart and a base of nostalgic Cacao Bean.

Whether you need a quick confidence before going out, or want to create a peaceful atmosphere inside your home, a calming men’s fragrance is a must-have. Now you’ve discovered our favourite comforting fragrances for men, which one will you choose?