Since it’s Vegetarian Week, we’re sharing all our favourite cruelty-free products with you.

Sustainable ingredients and cruelty-free practices have been sweeping the fragrance industry recently so here’s our top 8 plant-based scents. 

  1. Ariana Grande | God Is A Woman 30ml
  2. Chloé | Signature Naturelle 50ml
  3. Calvin Klein | CK Everyone 200ml
  4. Paco Rabanne | Phantom 100ml
  5. MCM | MCM 30ml
  6. Sarah Jessica Parker | Born Lovely 100ml
  7. IKON | 914 100ml
  8. IKON | 807 100ml

Ariana Grande | God Is A Woman

Not only is Ariana Grande our reigning princess of pop, she’s also created a hugely successful fragrance line. Her newest scent, God Is A Woman, is a vegan blend composed of 91% natural ingredients. Inspired by the majesty of nature, it combines delicious pear with Turkish rose and Madagascar vanilla. Sweet, fresh and kind to the planet, what more could you want?

Classic yet carefree, Chloé Signature Naturelle is a staple fragrance for the independent woman. Showcasing the very best of nature’s bounty; organic rose is mixed with fresh neroli and blackcurrant on a base of cedar essence. Whatever the season, this scent will transport you to a forest in midsummer. 100% vegan and naturally derived, Naturelle also comes in sustainable cardboard packaging making it a great gift for anyone trying to reduce their plastic consumption.

After creating the groundbreaking CK One, Calvin Klein has done it again with their first ever ‘clean’ fragrance, made from naturally derived alcohol and infusions. CK Everyone is an all-natural unisex fragrance that features organic orange with a blue tea accord on top of a cedarwood and amber base. The balance of bright citrus with warm amber results in a fabulous fragrance that suits all styles and genders.

Paco Rabanne Phantom uses two clashing accords, vivid lemon and patchouli along with creamy lavender and vanilla, to create a compelling masculine fragrance. With responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients, and a vegan formula, this scent is the height of modern taste.

Mode Creation Munich (MCM) has bottled the glory of the great outdoors with their unisex fragrance, MCM. Weaving notes of raspberry and apricot along with jasmine and violet, this eau de parfum nestles on a comforting base of sandalwood and Ambrox. On top of a beautiful aroma, and a stylish backpack bottle (synonymous with the brands height of popularity in the world of fashion), MCM is completely vegan making it a truly universal scent.

And just like that…we fell for Born Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker! A delicate balance of soft florals and sparkling cassis berries, with a spicy twist of cedarwood, this fragrance is full of surprises.

Exotic and enchanting, IKON 914 combines free-spirited florals with sexy notes of saffron and balsamic amber. Jasmine and bergamot provide an uplifting heart, while a base of ambergris and cedarwood gives an extra oomph that’s sure to turn heads.

For a sensual fragrance that keeps you guessing, look no further than IKON 807. This scent features rose, saffron and pink pepper along with smoky notes of oud and vetiver. Such a unique aroma, made with responsibly sourced vegan ingredients, is a must have for any fragrance addict.  

Have you tried any of our favourite fragrances, or do you have recommendations of your own? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch on Instagram @fragranceshopuk