A nude lipstick is a must-have in your makeup bag.

If you don’t have a nude lipstick in your beauty collection, then you really need to invest in one. Finding the perfect nude isn’t hard as they tend to suit every complexion and you’ll soon learn that every beauty brand will stock one (or five), so you’ll never be short of choice. There are so many reason’s why a nude lip is a go-to for everyday, but here are our top 5.

1- You can wear it literally every day

Need a lipstick for work that isn’t OTT? Nude. First date that you don’t want to make too much effort for? Opt for a nude lipstick. Coffee date or brunch with your gal pals? A nude lip all the way. It’s subtle yet understated, completely versatile and is perfect for every day of the week, whatever the occasion.

2 – It’s great for no-makeup-makeup

If your go-to look is a natural one and you’re looking to add a hint of colour to your everyday lips, a nude is the perfect option for you. It won’t be bold, but it definitely won’t go unnoticed.

3 – It’s the perfect match to a smoky eye

When you’ve perfected the last smudge on your ultimate smoky eye and are sat looking in the mirror wondering what lipstick will go well, you need a nude. Anything too bright and bold could make the look you’re going for feel a little too much, but a nude will compliment your masterpiece and make your eyes the star of the show.

4 – You won’t have to worry about matching your clothes

If you struggle to match your makeup to your vibrant wardrobe, you need to throw a nude lipstick into the equation. No more trying to find the perfect shade of red that doesn’t washout your favourite pink jumper, a nude will go with everything you own.

5 – It looks classy and sophisticated. All. The. Time.

There’s never a time that adding a nude lipstick to your look won’t do you favours. We love a red or a pink, but nude compliments you on every occasion, and it always looks super classy and elegant. You truly just can’t go wrong.

Here are some of our favourite nude lipstick shades here at Indulge Beauty.

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Feature image: The Independent