First date or soul mates? Fragrance should always be at the top of your gifting-list.

If you’ve been torn between a bunch of their favourite flowers or that box of chocolates they always point out in the shops, well, think again. Whoever you’re gifting and no matter how long you’ve been together, fragrance should always be your go-to gift. There are many reasons why a bottle of perfume or aftershave always work, they just do, but these are our top five reasons why you should believe us.

  1. It’s personal.
    When you choose a perfume that they truly adore, it means you know them inside out. To select one that they enjoy and wear regularly requires you to know and understand their self-brand. Whether you’ve known them a month or a decade, fragrance is the perfect way to show affection and appreciation, simply by taking the time to listen, observe and remembering little details about them. Scent is an extremely personal thing, so if you get this right, you might well be their Valentine forever.
  2. It will create and evoke memories.
    We all know that scent is a very powerful sense. The smell of our old favourite perfume can evoke memories and nostalgic feelings like we can’t imagine! So, by gifting your special someone a fragrance this Valentine’s Day, the chances are that whenever they smell this perfume or aftershave from now on, you will instantly spring to mind. While you’re giving them a luxurious gift, you’re giving them a sentimental reminder of you too, what more could they possible want?
  3. It’s a gift that can last a lifetime (if you gift it well)
    When you give someone a gift, it’s nice when it lasts a little longer. This year, forget the chocolate and the flowers (both will be gone within a week), and choose to give the gift of fragrance. While the bottle of perfume or aftershave itself might only last a matter of months, if you get it right – which you will with our top tips – then they will go back to that fragrance forever after. Essentially, when you give them a scent they adore, you’ve given them a gift that lasts a lifetime.
  4. You can personalise it.
    If perfume or aftershave wasn’t already personal enough, you can add an extra special touch to your gift with our bottle engraving service. Request a little love note, a special date, or simply their name and you automatically have a bottle that they will want to keep forever, even after the fragrance has run out. It turns a special bottle of their favourite scent into an extra special keepsake.
  5. Not many people tend to buy fragrance for themselves.
    Our final reason as to why you should gift a bottle of perfume or aftershave, is that many people find it too expensive to shop for themselves. It makes it an extra special treat to someone if they can’t always afford to replace their empty bottles of their favourite scents.