the best face masks

The answer to many of our problems – looking a little tired? Face mask. Skin a bit dehydrated? Get a face mask on. Period pains? Hello, face mask! Bored? Face mask the time away.

Some of us may stockpile the trusty sheet mask, others may have a penchant for buying any tub, tube, serum mask in sight and duly running out of storage space. For those of you though that do need to up your mask game (or you just want to keep adding to that collection), we’ve devised a list of our fave masks and what they can do for your skin.

We’ve got sheet masks, overnight masks, lip masks and eye masks, masks for those hands and some for your feet – all perfect to help you relax (and take up an hour of your day).

Ecooking peeling face mask - an intense but great face mask when your skin needs a pick-me-up

ECooking | Peeling Mask 50ml | £37
*Comes with a FREE 15ml Peeling Mask

What. A. Mask. Now this mask is intense, so ensure to build up your tolerance to it! (It stings and burns, so you really have to be careful with this mask). Apply a thin layer over your entire face, rubbing in gently but not with the expectancy your skin will absorb it – keep away from the underage area! For first timers, leave the mask on for no more than 2-3 minutes, and for every time you use the mask, you can build up by a minute or so to build tolerance (no more than 10 minutes total time). Warning: you will go red but boy does it work. You should only really use this mask 1-2 times a week.

The perfect mask when you really need to give your skin that kick.

An overnight face mask from NIOD, this will brighten and add that glow back to your skin.

Niod | Voicemail Mask | £30

Missing that glow? This Niod mask will inject a fruitful dose of restorative miracles into your skin for a healthier, more youthful looking complexion. With hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells, this overnight mask will even skin tone and obliterate dullness, but don’t use it if you have cracked or irritated skin.

Use a maximum of twice weekly and at nighttime only. Apply a thin layer all over the face and massage into the skin for around 20 seconds before bedtime, washing off with lukewarm water the next morning.

Now this mask has an odd, orange hue (reminiscent of fake tan disasters), and may rub off slightly on your pillows, but fear not, neither will you look like an umpah Loompa, nor will it stain.

The innovative chin mask to get rid of that sagging skin and double chins.

Magicstripes | Lifting Collagen Mask 5 Masks | £31.20

Dear dreaded double chin, be gone! This unique face mask (chin mask?) will work for a tighter, more defined lower part of the face. An innovative lifting collagen mask supporting the natural v-shape of the face, this mask will help lift sagging skin – lateral cheeks, lateral jaw area and jawline.

A mask not all of us will be used to using, but we’ll try anything for a firmer chin area. Soaked with collagen, caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin E, macadamia nut oil and water – it’s time for an at-home facelift, surgery-free.

The original black peel off mask that clears pores from Jorgobe.

Jorgobe | The Original Black Peel Off Mask 100ml | £26
*Comes with a FREE hand cream

The original black peel-off mask, this jobbie packs a punch. A tar-like texture when squeezed out of the bottle, application is easy to the T-zone that’s in need of some blackhead extraction. Ensure you layer evenly and not too thick (it’s a pain to get off if it hasn’t set and it needs to be even to set evenly).

Reducing the skin’s production of excess fat and preventing new blackheads, this mask cleans your pores with the best ingredients of nature and certainly one that needs adding into your weekly routine.

A sleep mask that is both cheap and good, this Oh K! face masks helps get glowing, moisturised and hydrated skin.

Oh K! | Sleep Mask | £7.50

Another little miracle mask for bedtime, the Oh K! Sleep Mask is filled with nourishing ingredients to work its magic overnight whilst you dream away. At only £7.50 per pouch and with 5-6 uses in each pouch, you can get glowing skin, that’s been moisturised and hydrated like no other, for a great price!

Potentially the best kind of face mask – an indulgent one, without a huge price tag!

A foot mask for those tired feet, Kocostar's peeling foot pack will rid dead skin from your feet and exfoliate to leave feet soft and smooth.

Kocostar | Foot Peeling Pack | £7

Lest us not forget about thine feet. They carry the woes and weight of us all day long (unless you’re permanently horizontal – what are you doing?) and so deserve some love and care. An intensive foot treatment, these foot peeling masks are packed with botanical extracts that help exfoliate and peel off dead skin, your feet will be left feeling soft and smooth. Note, your feet may reminisce your childhood art class when peeling PVA off your hands was the highlight of the class…

Lest not forget our neck and chest with this Skin Laundry mask. This mask for your décolletage will not only leave skin smoother, firmer and more improved, but it will make you feel great too.

Skin Laundry | Rejuvenating Neck & Chest Sheet Masks Individual | £9.80

We’ve touched on face masks, foot masks and chin masks, so don’t forget your neck and chest (or simply, décolletage) – the area of a lady that is said to show her true age. Well not any more! This mask takes some trial and error in positioning (it’s not really second nature to many to sheet mask their neck and chest) but once nailed, it’s a strangely relaxing experience.

Enriched with natural nutrients and 19 skin conditioning extracts (yes, 19!) this mask has no other option but to leave the skin noticeably refreshed and restored. The powerful blend improves skin smoothness, firmness and elasticity.

Ideal to use during or post travel to treat tired, dehydrated skin. Or in our current situation, for a pick-me-up treat when isolation has gotten the best of us. Available in singles and packs of 5.

Erno Laszlo soothing and calming sensitive hydrogel face mask will leave you feeling glowing.

Erno Laszlo | Soothe & Calm Sensitive Hydrogel Mask – 4 Pack x 30g | £35

Stress can have a significant affect on our skin and the start of a never ending cycle – you look less glowy, which makes you sad and in turn, upsets you which stresses you out more, meaning you don’t sleep well which makes you dehydrated – you see this never ending conundrum.

Erno Laszlo comes to the rescue with these sensitive skin saviours. These gel masks hydrate the skin whilst also adding anti-inflammatory actives deep into pores for gleaming skin.

What’s best about these masks? you can actually do stuff while they work their magic. Made to fir the contours of any face perfectly, the masks stays shtum whilst standing and moving. Multitasking at its finest!

The most luxurious face masks, Peter Thomas Roth's 24k Gold Mask will lift and firm the complexion.

Peter Thomas Roth | 24k Gold Mask | £63
*Comes with FREE 14ml Cucumber Gel mask

Pure luxury in a tub. Fancy lathering your face in gold? Well, go for it. This 24k gold mask from Peter Thomas Roth couldn’t be any more boujee if it tried – and we love it! The ultimate luxurious anti-aging treatment, this mask is actually infused with pure 24k gold and colloidal gold to help improve the appearance of firmness and emirate that opulent glow.

Ok, maybe it could be a little more boujee… Know to have powerful anti-aging benefits, this mask is inspired from the time of Cleopatra, with 24k gold helping to firm, lift, brighten and calm the skin which reducing ageing and stress.

The most lavish pampering treatment on our list, but one that deserves its price tag. It also comes with a free 14ml Cucumber Gel mask – so, why not!

An under eye mask with ginseng and eucalyptus from Oh K!

Oh K! Ginseng & Eucalyptus Under Eye Mask | £3.50

We must not forget our under eyes! For those days when we just can’t. Be. Bothered. and our under-eyes seem to say the same story, these awakening under eye patches will revitalise tired looking eyes.

Enriched with 12 skin hydrating extracts to brighten and even out skin tone, refreshing eucalyptus and cooling peppermint will gently sooth the skin and inject an awakening lift to tired eyes.

Vegan-friendly charcoal superfood mattifying face mask from Dr Botanicals

Dr Botanicals | Apothecary Collection – Charcoal Superfood Mattifying Face Mask – 30ml | £12
*Comes with a FREE 30ml Pomegranate Sleep Mask

Nature in a tube. This Charcoal Superfood Mattifying Face Mask from Dr Botanicals is 100% natural – no perfumes, no chemicals and absolutely no preservatives. If vegan, natural beauty is something that you look for, then this face mask not only fits, but it also works!

Gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin, the formula gently buffs away dead skin cells whilst the shea butter nourishes, hydrates and protects the complexion. Suitable for normal skin types, this is one hell of a mask. Just be sure to use it within 3 months of opening as it is packed with natural ingredients.

This baby also comes with a FREE 30ml Pomegranate Sleep Mask too. Move to basket.

Kokostar Rose Lip Mask

Kocostar | Lip Mask – Rose | £3

Last but not least, out lips. This Rose Lip Mask from Kocostar is our favoured lip mask of choice. We may not be applying lipsticks, glosses or liners at the moment (#isolife) but that doesn’t mean our lips don’t deserve some tlc. Moisturise dry, chapped lips with this lip mask for the final piece of the masking puzzle.