It might be Bank Holiday, but our Indulge List doesn’t stop.

If you’re lying in bed, hungover after a long weekend of Bank Holiday fun, we’ve got the perfect thing to keep your dizzy brain occupied… Our Indulge List is back. We’ve got skincare, we’ve got beauty, we’ve got tools. We’ve got the ultimate hangover shopping guide for when your head’s not quite with it.

Trilogy’s Vitamin C Booster Treatment is an intense 2-week brightening treatment that includes 6% high-potency natural vitamin C which is freshly activated when you begin. Antioxidant powerhouse vitamin C kickstarts the skin’s renewal processes that help to improve the skin’s brightness, pigmentation and skin tone. Its potency depends on freshness. To ensure optimal skin benefits, ingredient components are kept separate until you start your treatment. Once activated, fresh vitamin C powder is mixed with the hyaluronic acid concentrate to create a booster treatment that helps brighten and smooth skin, while daisy extract illuminates and rosehip oil nourishes.

LUNA 3 is the ultimate beauty upgrade in the award-winning LUNA line of Swedish beauty brand Foreo. This sonic facial cleanser eliminates trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin cells in just 1 minute and keeps your skin in top shape. A bigger brush head, longer and softer touch-points compared to Foreo’s LUNA 2 ensure a deeper, more thorough cleanse. Blend it into your morning and evening routine to enjoy all the benefits of an ultra-soft, hygienic cleanse with 16 pulsation intensities to choose from. With an extra-soft cleansing surface, LUNA 3 remains extremely gentle on sensitive skin without irritation, not compromising its deep cleansing ability.

Swirl your way to perfect skin in one step! Stila’s innovative, triple-swirled helix serum instantly primes, colour-corrects, brightens and nourishes skin for a flawless face with no fuss. The revolutionary product contains 3 colour-correcting pigments to even out complexion: Green tone instantly neutralises redness and conceals blemishes Lavender tone counteracts sallow undertones for a vibrant, energised look Peach tone brightens, illuminates and helps diminish the appearance of sun spots Supercharged with Stila’s proprietary Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex™ to help hydrate, control oil, and diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Oh K!’s Purifying sheet mask is infused with a layer of pink clay to deliver a deep cleanse. Formulated with a trio of natural clays to purify the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Rosehip oil helps to unclog pores and even skin tone whiles maintaining the skins moisture levels. Delivering the intense detoxifying cleansing powers of clay in a mess free, easy to use sheet mask.

Say goodbye to dirty blenders and brushes and hello to your new cleansing routine! Featuring a flexible silicone cleansing pad that easily slips over your hand to use as a sturdy cleansing surface, you can now easily remove stubborn stains with the exclusive material designed to clean, but not tear, your blenders.
Choose your favourite cleanser as this kit also includes a mini blendercleanser® solid® and a liquid blendercleanser® packette – to test out for the ultimate cleansing experience. This travel-friendly kit allows for cleansing blenders, anytime and anywhere.

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