This weeks Indulge List is an introduction of what’s to come. We’re heading in the final stages of transitioning to summer weather (finally) and things are about to get HOT. We’ve got products that you need to keep your hair and skin shining as bright as the sun does. Enjoy!

We are getting SERIOUS Khaleesi vibes from this liner pencil. With the new Game of Thrones season in full swing (no spoilers here – don’t worry) it’s only understandable that we’re dreaming of Daenerys, and if you’re part of the minority that haven’t devoted your life to GoT, then this is the perfect colour for a statement summer look. Khaleesi fans, keep your eyes peeled for something special landing on Indulge Beauty this week…

This moisturiser will come in handy when you’ve misjudged the sunshine outside and need to give the skin on your face a little TLC. Rose as an ingredient is known to reduce redness, so if you’re burnt then this will not only cool and hydrate your skin, but will help reduce the sun burnt colour in your cheeks.

Wearing makeup in the heat can be an absolute nightmare. You apply it in the cool indoors, step outside into the warm sunshine and just like that, your makeup feels like it’s melting away. Not anymore! Make Up For Ever’s Mist & Fix setting spray will keep your makeup together at all times, and this smaller bottle is great for popping in your bag and having it with you on the go.

For the days where you just don’t feel like wearing make up, this Brow Teaser brush is great for brushing through your eyebrows to ensure that although they’re makeup-less, they’re still on point.

This will be your hair’s best friend throughout summer (and the rest of the year). It’s an intensive treatment with ocean silk technology which has been designed to promote cell generation to help damaged and stressed hair. It’s long lasting effect and ultra frizz reduction will leave your hair looking silky smooth and healthy.

Check back in next time for something extra special and keep your skin and hair healthy in the sunshine.

All prices are correct at the time of publish.