Happy first-Indulge-List-of-Feb!

Welcome to the first post-January Indulge List. Well, well, that was a long month, wasn’t it? But we did it, we came out the other side and now we’re ready and roaring to embrace what the rest of 2020 throws at us. We’ll start you off with a selection of bestselling, new-in, and generally just fantastic products from Indulge Beauty that you can splurge on this payday Monday.

The award-winning, non-disposable, high-definition cosmetic sponge applicator in pink. The unique edgeless shape and exclusive material available only with beautyblender® ensures impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste. Use with foundations, powders and any other complexion product. Beautyblender features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water when wet.

This Hand Serum provides anti-ageing benefits for the back of the hands such as fewer pigment spots, wrinkles and sagging, making them soft, elastic and overall younger looking skin. Includes Niacinamide and turmeric extracts which improve skin elasticity and may decrease discoloration. Contains UV filter. A hand treatment to be used morning and/or night to reduce visible signs of fine lines and pigment spots.

As part of our mission to create the perfect blow dry, we have created the ultimate styling tool – Blow Dry in a Bottle. This beautifully scented all–in–one spray builds volume, gives weightless lift and adds texture. But our formula does not stop there! It’s also packed with natural active ingredients that bring goodness to your hair, delivering conditioning and shine.

This skin rejuvenating formula loosens blackheads and cleanses deep into the pores to remove impurities while clarifying and purifying the skin and rebalancing oily areas. Literally peel the mask away to reveal fresh, clear skin! The perfect cleanser before applying a BeautyPro Collagen Mask.

Coconut has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin while repairing the skins natural barrier function. A blend of Vitamin E and essential Amino Acids lock moisture into your skin for deep nourishment.